I can remove Dragon Age: Inquisition from my must buy list this Fall

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  3. I can remove Dragon Age: Inquisition from my must buy list this Fall

User Info: IceHusky

3 years ago#1
It seems Bioware is adamant about focusing on relationships with Dragon Age: Inquisition instead of an epic storyline to engage players. Also, is it me or do the next-gen graphics for DA:I look very bland? It seems as if the graphics have that "plastic sheen" like early PS3/Xbox 360 titles had and not true next-gen graphics that these consoles are able to produce. Yeah, I am going to just wait for Witcher 3 for my WRPG fix and focus on other games being released this Fall instead.

I only hope Mass Effect 4 doesn't go this "relationship focus" route and continues its epic storyline that the previous 3 Mass Effect games had? Then again, I've always loved the Mass Effect universe more than the Dragon Age universe. In my opinion, the Dragon Age series is Bioware's worst series to date. Even Star Wars: KotoR and Jade Empire trump Dragon Age series. However, I was willing to give this new Dragon Age a chance until I learned of how they are trying to push against societal norms with their character relationship storylines. Meh!
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User Info: jasonfine

3 years ago#2
Nope, still getting it and I think it looks awesome.

I think they're talking about the relationship stuff because it's a hot topic in society. I'm sure the story will be damn good, this is Bioware after all.
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User Info: Joey-Zaza

3 years ago#3
I dislike how involved some games get was with relationships and having children and you have to keep your family happy (fable). Such a stupid idea. Why do developers think we want this?

Is it supposed to immerse you in the game, having a fake wife? What about a fake job too? You can go to work and crunch numbers!! and if you do this every day for 8 hours a day you'll get paid!!

Make sure your character eats food and drinks water. Don't eat too many cheeseburgers or your virtual doctor will tell you your blood pressure is too high and you need to go pick up your prescription at the pharmacy.

If you don't you might drop dead fighting the ogres because of a massive heart attack.
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User Info: Crystyn_7B

3 years ago#4
Bioware is focusing marketing on relationships because people keep asking for them, just look at the raptr Q&A most of the questions were about romances.

There's plenty of content beyond them.

User Info: HellsController

3 years ago#5
Of course you can remove it from your must buy lost. It's a bioware game.
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User Info: iamdanthaman

3 years ago#6
I agree with you on one thing. The plastic sheen on all the characters. They look like plastic figurines on a store shelf instead of people. That's what happens when the only thing people care about when it comes to graphics is resolution. They don't understand that to get every game to 1080p you have to compromise somewhere and usually that means cutting back on texture detail and AA.

That's why most of the best looking games of last gen were actually 540p, while a lot of games that ran at 720p or higher looked like garbage. I hope all this resolution mania can just blow over so devs can stop worrying about resolution and start focusing on making games look good.
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User Info: Foreman22

3 years ago#7
You do realize you control if you what to have a relationship or not?
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User Info: RuinerEraser

3 years ago#8
Tell us more about your purchases as a consumer, we're on the edge of our seat!
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User Info: Ellesarien

3 years ago#9
I found the detail of character creation in your fellow members of Origins was one of the reasons that game rocked. They had their own morality that didn't just get wiped clean because they are in your party. You did something suspect with Wynne in your party and she would have issues with it and might even leave the party altogether.

I thought it add alot of depth. Certainly more logical than alot of games where a "super-good" character in your party is ok with you murdering random citizens without complaint.

I don't want them to make it a SIMS game but I hope they continue the unique personalities in your fellow teammates.
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User Info: Iemander

3 years ago#10
Bio-what? I'm sorry, is that the crappy developer that's made crappy games eversince it went to EA? I'll be enjoying Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin and other better games than this.

It's too bad though, Dragon Age Origins was one of the best RPGs ever made. Then they fired the lead designer for that game, replaced him with the biggest idiot out there and now I don't really understand why people are even interested.
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  3. I can remove Dragon Age: Inquisition from my must buy list this Fall

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