Xbox One has showed me that graphics, resolution, and sales dont matter

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  3. Xbox One has showed me that graphics, resolution, and sales dont matter

User Info: ChevelIe

3 years ago#1
Those things aren't nearly as worthwhile as getting to be able to switch between games and TV at the sound of my voice
Open fire

User Info: LooksLikeRain

3 years ago#2
It's all personal preference. Every console's value is subjective.
Hatred outlives the hateful.

User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#3
Not that it matters but PS4 has voice commands too.
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User Info: Gambitbuzzkill

3 years ago#4
This topic has shown me that it might be time to block you.

User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#5
I've learned you can try and destroy someones favorite hobby for financial gain and roughly 1/3 of them will forgive you and give you their money again and a small segment of those will fanatically defend you as though nothing happened.

The Queen of Light took her bow, and then she turned to go.
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom, and walked the night alone.-Battle of Evermore/Zeppelin

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#6
I've learned that people are so incredibly bored that they troll a board for a console they don't own all day. Why bother living if this is what you do with your time? It's incredibly sad, I would say seek medical attention but they're usually delusional and unaware that this is how pathetic there life has become. Not my problem though.
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Play for the games not the evil corporation, they're all evil in the end.

User Info: AzaneAzer

3 years ago#7
I think the sales will matter eventually.

User Info: billsfanno1

3 years ago#8
X1 has showed me that there is no cure for adult diaper rashes.

User Info: SigmaLongshot

3 years ago#9
The lowest echelon of humanity will always be mean-spirited and try to belittle people that have other preferences.

That's the only thing I ever take from any of this absurd pantomime.
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User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#10
I think the TC has shown me that he wants to make out with his PS4 on new years.

"Trolls are the dudebros of Gamefaqs. They just don't realize it." - curtland
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  3. Xbox One has showed me that graphics, resolution, and sales dont matter

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