Xbox One has showed me that graphics, resolution, and sales dont matter

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User Info: Sabram

3 years ago#31
I can do the same thing using a small plastic device and pressing two buttons. Doing it this way also prevents me from sounding like a douche talking to myself or possibly waking my wife up when the Kinect refuses to hear me at 3am.

Seriously, why do people act like changing between TV and gaming is a big thing? Unless your TV only has a single HDMI port and no Coax input, there's nothing to really brag about. Is pushing buttons on your remote too difficult or something?

Sorry for the mini-rant, but people who tout this as a "worthwhile" feature really irk me. They seriously remind me of this:
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User Info: chex81

3 years ago#32
kennyynnoo posted...
I've learned that people are so incredibly bored that they troll a board for a console they don't own all day. Why bother living if this is what you do with your time? It's incredibly sad, I would say seek medical attention but they're usually delusional and unaware that this is how pathetic there life has become. Not my problem though.

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User Info: MiniVirus2

3 years ago#33
In other words, you like it because it allows you to be lazier.

I can see it now, our parents always told us to be grateful for remotes because they had to get up and change channels, whereas we'll be telling our children to be grateful for voice commands because we had to reach a foot away to press one button on a remote.

Maybe I will continue support the XB brand if these are the types of revolutionary ideas they're implementing. /sarcasm

User Info: night_drifter05

3 years ago#34
All feature's that are absolutely worthless. What kind of moron want's to run a cable box through a Xbox? I bet you watch re-runs of Pimp My Rides and think TV's in the mudflaps are cool.

User Info: Reece504

3 years ago#35
Porunga posted...
SculptorOvFlesh posted...
mokmuud posted...
Not that it matters but PS4 has voice commands too.

Did it come in the box? Can its camera tell you your heart rate? Gesture control?

'Voice commands" my cat has them too, it understands 'no' and 'yes'.
These mortals with thier 'low tec'. Ha ha.

Yes it comes in the box, no it can't read your heart rate (why would you need it to.. that's a bit creepy), and yes it has gesture control.. but not many games (only 1 to my knowledge) utilize it yet.

I like how people bash kinect to the point that they got rid of it when really kinect 1 and now 2.0 has been better then most cameras out. The wii was fun but to me dance central was better than just dance and getting rid of remotes was great for casual people coming over. The voice commands work the best it has been tested and proven already kinect only problem has been games.

Besides dance central and last gen kinect sports they haven't had a super accurate game yet. The new kinect sports is decent well to me it is fighter within is horrible. Using the kinect to look in forza is great and leaning in bf4 and shaking zombies off in dr3 is great examples on how to use it. I got a ps3 and the eye toy camera sucks always have even on ps2. I actually bought the move and it's bad compared to kinect. Ps4 camera is a let down as well if you used both you know it's the truth.
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User Info: PS4always

3 years ago#36
ChevelIe posted...
Those things aren't nearly as worthwhile as getting to be able to switch between games and TV at the sound of my voice

I saw what you did there :D

User Info: Radar

3 years ago#37
Important news update: I just emptied my bladder.

User Info: PhaseBlack

3 years ago#38
I really don't get Xbox fans
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