The Tides Have Turned, XBROS! Destiny at # 1 For XBOX ONE!

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User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#21
Amazon sales position wasn't accepted by Xbox fans leading up to launch, but now they count? That's kind of dumb. Amazon is only slightly better than lolchartz; you shouldn't be using those numbers for anything. But if tc is a Solnot alt (or imitating Solnot) then that would explain it...
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User Info: YumeOMiru

3 years ago#22
TOhasNoRing posted...
Damn. I try and bring some light to this board and people freak out. No need to get so defensive and talk about the PS4.... This topic is about the xbox one version selling well.

Nah, people knee jerk of how you twisted the whole thing.


- Top daily list, pre-order week before Xbone Desinty beta = top selling game ever ever ever = pre-order are sales


-Padawan and Kpopstar circlejerking in ignorance of the truth

-Real facts comes in, ignores

And LOL, I´m not even surprised you guys act like this.
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User Info: TheGam3925

3 years ago#23
dnmt posted...
That's an hourly list, you doofus. Looking at the yearly list will bring you to a much different conclusion:

Destiny PS4 is #23, Destiny Xbone is #46, and that's without even accounting for the Destiny PS4 bundle which is counted along the regular PS4 at #4.
This is in the US, the Xbone's strongest country, so I feel safe in saying the PS4 version will easily outsell the Xbone version 3:1 globally.

But that would put the PS4 version ahead of the Xbone. looks like the tides haven't turned after all. Well, it looks like sales don't matter, yet again.

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User Info: Goregasm17

3 years ago#24
Horridhal posted...
About Movers & Shakers in Video Games
Movers & Shakers identifies the biggest gainers in sales rank compared to twenty-four hours ago. For example, if a music item has a current sales rank of 10, but was ranked 30 twenty-four hours ago, its Movers & Shakers increase would be 200%.

Is this really impressive considering most people are doing it because it is free to pre-order from Amazon and receive a beta code?

I don't think so, I'm sure fanboys will disagree.

Except, couldn't the same thing be done to receive a F2PS4 code? That's the point, it's not being preordered for it, even to 'steal' a beta code. Nice try

User Info: JohnWall32

3 years ago#25
Destiny will sell better on every other third party game this gen.
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User Info: Millertime660

3 years ago#26
JohnWall32 posted...
Destiny will sell better on every other third party game this gen.

Detective JohnWall32 has cracked the case!

User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#27
_Doomguy_ posted...
Is just to get the beta codes
WOW someone actually used their brain here!

I'm shocked!
*Demands Sony and Nintendo release NEW games but is excited to play 10 year old remakes in Halo Collection* -XBOX1 Forums

User Info: Crystyn_7B

3 years ago#28
I really love this topic, trolls getting worked up over bulls*** is a nice change of pace



User Info: ace_two_max

3 years ago#29
So the fans went from hating it to loving it? 180s everywhere

Microsoft next console will be called Xbox180
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User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#30
im rather drunk. with that being said I HATE THESE STUPID THREADS
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