Does it matter to u which console has more copies of Destiny sold?

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User Info: kidwgm

3 years ago#21
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User Info: Abyss89

3 years ago#22
lunaticcore posted...
Abyss89 posted...
lunaticcore posted...
Abyss89 posted...
It is an MMO which ever sells the most will be better...
More people equals a better experience for an online only game.
So yes, for this particular game sales matter.

False. Generally MMO's have to break up into multiple severs to handle population control anyways, because certain areas are lightning rods for gathering people. So their will very likely be an upper population limit to the server you are in and you won't see any difference between playing the different versions.

Not in this game thanks to mesh-based networking.

One world, multiple servers where not everybody is really in the same instance of any particular location at the same time. You are still going to see a maximum number of people in any one place at a time. There is an upper limit. They aren't populating every single person around you at all times.

I never meant it like.

I meant that after a month the player count for the first mission areas will be almost no existent, if you are playing on normal local servers you would have to play alone.

Mesh based servers will fill the area with people from around the world so this help for populating areas at all times.

However even this won't help the system with the smallest install base. It will suffer more when it comes to new characters when everyone is at end game content.

Also from what I have understood (could be completely wrong here) local servers will only come in for PvP for ping reasons, in the open world certain areas are controlled by different servers. As you move through the world you join different a servers. You don't join a set server and stay on it the whole session like a normal MMO.
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  3. Does it matter to u which console has more copies of Destiny sold?

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