It's kind of embaressing really...

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User Info: method115

3 years ago#81
Joey-Zaza posted...
I love when people retort with "well last gen this happened... and so and so said this..."

Well man, it's been like 7 years. You realize that those people are 7 years older now. A lot of us are in our late twenties and thirties and it's just mind baffling that 30 year old men are snickering and basically harassing people on this board simply because of an opinion.

I doubt most of the trolling is by grown men. From the way people arguing on this site I'm guessing a ton of users here are young kids.
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User Info: IceHusky

3 years ago#82
loafy013 posted...
IceHusky posted...
Took the words right out of my head, TC. The sad thing is that I was a Playstation fan through-and-through up to the PS4, however, I hate how arrogant and condescending Sony and their fans have become with the PS4 that I gave the PS4 the middle finger this gen and went with the Xbox One and Wii U instead. I did own a PS4 for a short time but ultimately sold it as I started seeing the PS4 fans and how they treated non-PS4 owners. Arrogance is something I absolutely deplore in people, and will turn my back on supporting those people if I know I am part of the problem. **** the PS4!!!

Very upsetting that I cannot fully enjoy a Playstation console knowing that I am supporting that arrogance, so I have to completely abstain from it. Ironically, the PS4 doesn't come without its own problems that PS4 owners and the media seem to ignore, like no games on the console that are worth a damn, the horrible connection with PSN, the XMB and how cumbersome it is and the controller's horrible battery life. But no...according to PS4 fanboys, they act like the PS4 was created by God himself. Ugh! >_>

So gamer arrogance is a no-go, but when you get it from the company itself (#dealwithit), thats all right?

You must've missed this part where I included Sony. Nice try troll. -_-"
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User Info: Raukue

3 years ago#83
All fanboys are the same. If the PS4 was the weaker hardware and did what MS had did... you don't think the PS4 boards would be just like the Xbox One boards are now? Filled with Xbox fanboys bashing the PS4? Anyone who thinks a certain fanbase is better than another are pretty naive.

Plus the people on these boards make up a very very small percent of owners of either console. Like maybe 1%? I recall hearing how when it comes to game message boards, for a specific game like a MMO, only about 10% of the community read the forums and only about 5% participate in the forums? Something like that. Maybe the same applies here? But feels like less than that.

Just a guess but I think you were maybe looking for any reason to stick with Xbox and this is why you chose on making that decision. Nothing wrong with going with Xbox but don't give some lame reason nor did you have to declare it either, almost makes you no better than the trolling you feel was being done here.
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User Info: MetroidFan9999

3 years ago#84
Jedi454 posted...
Welcome home TC, us guys and girls that enjoy Xbox don't have to reassure ourselves with petty trolling and exaggerating resolution differences, we simply enjoy games.


Did you not read? TC picked this console because of the board, ironically because he "doesn't like console wars". I hope you all boost up your epeen by attacking people that even post articles only. Which, I might add, is almost an hourly occurence.

You guys MAKE the discussion the "users" on this board, any damn information that goes against your plastic shrine is blasphemy in your eyes.
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User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#85
TC its not just sony fanboys. it goes both ways. MS fanboys can be pretty lame too

User Info: Master Alien

Master Alien
3 years ago#86
the funny thing is people love to say the fan boys from the other board come over to whichever board in question, it happens on all 3. for the most part the people who bash the ps4 on its system board rarely visit/post on the wiiu/xb1 boards. the people who bash the xb1 on its system board rarely visit/post on the ps4/wii u boards. and the people who bash the wii u dont visit the others either.

User Info: TBONE_OG

3 years ago#87
You know what is embarrassing? THIS!
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