Destiny Beta Codes!!!!

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(message deleted)

User Info: Lukas2206

3 years ago#102
I would really like a try of this beta so if anybody has a spare code would be greatly appreciated

User Info: michaellzz

3 years ago#103
Does someone have an extra redeemcode for me? Im a big halo fan but didn't know about the redeem codes :( So can someone please pm me??

Thank you !

User Info: ccastro57

3 years ago#104
none of my 3 xbox one codes are working and the message that keeps coming up says "we couldn't find your code." i triple checked to make sure that they were indeed xbox one codes but all 3 give me the same error. anybody know why? ill give one away for help making them work

User Info: russianberryall

3 years ago#105
I can't find my stupid pre-order receipt. If anyone has a heart please send alittle of it my way

User Info: devo6

3 years ago#106
castro i will help you i think i may know the problem just let me have one to see if it works then i will tell u what to do!

User Info: psauxgrep

3 years ago#107
If anyone has any spare Xbox One codes please pm me I would be very very greatful

User Info: youngunner2123

3 years ago#108
Damn the last like 8 posters are all new users. Soooo many alts in one day lol
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User Info: suicide machine

suicide machine
3 years ago#109
i'd appreciate a code as well, if someone could spare one. thanks!
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User Info: Blazikenite

3 years ago#110
If anyone has one, I'd be greatly appreciative! If it helps, I'm not an alt, lol. Big Halo fan interested in checking it out!
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