Destiny Beta Codes!!!!

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User Info: tenaciousjables

3 years ago#71
Hello,i just joined .If anyone has a spare code for xbox one or knows how i can get one,would you please message me.Thank you.

User Info: XxMonkeyWastexX

3 years ago#72
If you have a code please message me it on xbox my GT is XxMonkeyWastexX

User Info: burrellbloke

3 years ago#73
If any one has a spare Destiny beta code for Xbox One please pm me.

User Info: Bloodsack

3 years ago#74
I've been looking all morning and can't find a code for the life of me :(
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User Info: xAfr00

3 years ago#75
Hey guys could anyone please message me a xbox one beta code? i would really appreciate it <3

User Info: jakeparker2311

3 years ago#76
can I have a code?

User Info: jakeparker2311

3 years ago#77
xbox one gamer tag VorTex FuZioN

User Info: Annyhilate

3 years ago#78
If any one of u feel any pity towards this man, u would give him a destiny beta code. Thanks

User Info: Mystic1988

3 years ago#79

User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#80
Not to hate or anything, but holy crap there's a lot of new users on this thread that I never see post on this board. Maye they just watch other users argue and point and laugh instead of getting involved, which is a good idea.

"Trolls are the dudebros of Gamefaqs. They just don't realize it." - curtland
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