Which fanbase is most obnoxious?

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User Info: Miiri0

3 years ago#192
Many xbros are delusional.

Console sales and various polls are showing it

Currently, Xbone is the most hated console because of the **** microsoft trying to pull on gamers. Yea they did the infamous 180s, but I dont think gamers are easy to forget what they trying to pull with xbone.

Now, Xbros are certainly the bunch of most obnoxious, delusional and in denial fanboys.

User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#193
Laylow12 posted...
You will rue the day you messed with me.



Ahhh!!! *trips and falls backwards out of an inconveniently open tenth story window and dies*
"Why do you expect me to be rational? I'm a troll..." -Izraeil (aka Altair001)

User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#194
Rabid fanboys are obnoxious. It doesn't matter what platform they support.
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User Info: SilencetheDark

3 years ago#195
Honestly all the XBROS as you call them bought a PS4 this generation because they believed the hype. So I see that as a good thing.
"That Was Too Close...You Were Almost a Jill Sandwich!"

User Info: do2222

3 years ago#196
All, as in Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Sony fanbois can't seem to shut up about resolution and frame rates. They also think PS4 has the better exclusives (it doesn't mean that I think the Wii U and Xbox One exclusives are any better).

Microsoft fanbois - can't take criticisms and of course only believes the only haters that could hate on the Xbox One are ponies which blows my mind knowing that most of owners who owns a Xbox 360 and gotten PS4 are the haters. They never though that nintendo and PC fanbois could hate the One.

Nintendo fanbois - The smash bros community, seriously, they don't even get along with each other. They also overhyped every Nintendo IPs in existence.
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