conspiracy theories about BF Hardline being delayed until 2015?

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  3. conspiracy theories about BF Hardline being delayed until 2015?

User Info: reptileegg

3 years ago#1
EA delaying a game until after Xmas to make sure it works properly?

User Info: wake_me_420

3 years ago#2
I'm sure they saw the writing on the wall. Piss poor goodwill after BF4, coupled with people seeing this as no more than an expansion pack money grab.
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User Info: SubSeenix

3 years ago#3
reptileegg posted...
EA delaying a game until after Xmas to make sure it works properly?

With the delays of the 2 games they said following too

They have a big change going on at EA and how they handle development of games in the future.
They want to ensure quality and fun is ensured at the earliest point possible in the development of each new game.

Indirectly they obviously said this wasn't the case till now.
They had other goals and those backfired over time after people got even more angry with everything they did over time.
They still make money but even at EA they probably can see they couldn't have continued they way they did for a really long time without hurting their games even more.

Im pretty sure Hardline got delayed cause it still wasn't anywhere near playable.
Dragon Age on the other side only got moved 1 month - You can't do anything big anymore in that time frame.Especially if you followed the news and them on twitter saying they are pretty much done and just need to fix minor bugs and ensure quality.
They moved Dragon Age cause of the fear from the other games in October.Well as if november does look better with GTA5,Halo,Smash Bros and other stuff LOL

User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#4
I'm not buying this expansion pack... The game was the straw for the BF series to me
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User Info: L4YER_CAKE

3 years ago#5
Likewise, and furthermore, I think it's quite the coincidence this news came in during the Destiny Beta, guess somebody doesnt wish to go head to head with them.
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User Info: MrSpaM111

3 years ago#6
More likely it's been delayed because everybody is calling EA out for releasing a re textured Battlefield 4 7 months after the last game in the series hit the shelves.
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User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#7
I figured they are still releasing bf4 maps and want the money for it still. Plus a 1st quarter release is genius, people have tax money and no good games usually come out in the first quarter so more would buy. I was passing on hardline because of all the other October games but I might get it in the first quarter of next year if I'm bored.
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User Info: hobojohnson

3 years ago#8
Actually the fist quarter (and second) haven't been too bad the last few years, the summer on the other hand sucks big time for releases!
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User Info: cminc

3 years ago#9
Two reasons.

1) watchdogs has proven that games can come out by themselves after christmas and kickass, even amidst lackluster reviews, because people want something new to play.

2) of all the shooters coming out this holiday, hardline, the least impressive of the bunch, was realistically going to get curb-stomped by all of them.
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User Info: AzaneAzer

3 years ago#10
EA's reputation is starting to catch them, and they noticed before it THQ'd them.
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