So that troll moderation program they rolled out for xbl

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User Info: ArnMyra

3 years ago#1
They claimed there would be tiers of users on xbl based on the amount of grief that they caused. Have any of you noticed much improvement in the online community?

User Info: Sniper_Brosef

3 years ago#2
Unfortunately, I don't think anyone would notice. I can only speak for myself and trends that I see and read about online but I think the majority play in private part chats with friends now rather than game chat.
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User Info: SoulTrapper

3 years ago#3
They were also talking about some sort of reward system, but that seems to have been wiped off the table:

User Info: Juzten76

3 years ago#4
Consider this: I play CoD on X1 a lot and have had only one encounter with a raging jerkface. Everyone else I encounter is pleasant or just doesn't talk. If I'm having that experience with "Call of Dudebros", then it must be working.
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User Info: TBONE_OG

3 years ago#6
I played some of the Destiny beta last night and everyone was cool and dancing with each other...

We danced A LOT.
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User Info: hobojohnson

3 years ago#7
I barely hear anyone talking so i guess it's working. I've also never noticed anyone with a bad rep either but that's on my friends list and the few people I've randomly checked.
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User Info: wskingws

3 years ago#8
Is this only on Xbox one? I play lots of black ops 2 on my 360 and I still get lots of hate mail from sore losers after matches.
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User Info: Mr_Killstreak

3 years ago#9
It doesn't exist, just like "avoiding" people on the 360 has never/will never actually do what it says.

User Info: zmouse

3 years ago#10
They're all on the ps4 now, lol jk.

Might be kinda true though hehe.
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