Even Bungie couldn't avoid crushed blacks

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User Info: Tajaz2426

3 years ago#21
Viet0ne posted...
Crushed blacks only happen on games that are using the upscaler to output 1080p. If they are able to release the game in 1080p, then this won't be an issue anymore.

That's good to know, I'll be purchasing it for my son, because he plays on the X1, but these screen shots are horrid. Thanks for the info.
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User Info: ExempliGratia

3 years ago#22
velvet_hammer posted...
ExempliGratia posted...
velvet_hammer posted...
zerooo0 posted...
Did not notice any of this, but we have this exact topic on the dang front page you troll.

no its not and giving knowledge is not trolling.. not my problem you cant deal with reality

Giving "knowledge" with the intent to incite people here is trolling.

my intent is to enlighten any who needs it

Sure man. Sure.
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User Info: LooksLikeRain

3 years ago#23
If anything, this really shows how much the disparity gap is closing. As far as crushed blacks, they come from the upscale to 1080p. When the full game releases there will almost no difference at all.
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User Info: X_Masquerade_X

3 years ago#24
they have the color space set to the wrong setting.
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User Info: extanker

3 years ago#25
I see a great looking game on two platforms. It must suck to be a fanboy that can only accept one as being good and the other has to be terrible.

User Info: Eiffel

3 years ago#26
Both look great so good news there.

I'm not sure the crushed blacks are down to the scaler though. MS has intentionally crushed blacks a bit and bumped the color saturation to their output on X1 as well as back on the 360. This can increase perceived image quality as color saturation is pleasing to the eye and crushed blacks result in an increased contrast ratio. You can see the reds are "a bit more red" on X1 and this was the same on Wolfenstien that ran at 1080p the majority of the time so didn't use the scaler.

User Info: youngskillz

3 years ago#27
i like black crush more than white crush.

even the retail ps4 version will probably look better though.

we'll see.
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User Info: SonyPonyTony

3 years ago#28
Watchdogs had far worse crushed blacks on PS4 then it did on Xbox One
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User Info: SoftAssassin

3 years ago#29
With a screen name like Sonyponytony, I'm sure everything you post is accurate. It's not. You shouldn't have to resort to lying about Watch Dogs because you're upset that major Nelson decided to go out with his boys instead of spending quality time with you. It must be hard on you to know you're such a tool.

User Info: Kipbondur

3 years ago#30
Is it wrong that I looked at the images and thought the X1 version was more appealing? Some were a little dark but the colors seemed to pop a but more.
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