"The one way Xbox One is crushing PS4"

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User Info: KingisLegend

3 years ago#51
I am a Xbox whore and Xbox One is trash.... We use it for Netflix and she plays her Lego games while i play Games on a real system named the PS4 :)
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User Info: supermegablox

3 years ago#52
i love how people are like "oh the ps4 is infinitely more powerful than the xbox one!" when in reality its like just very slightly better.
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User Info: puffnbillys420

3 years ago#53
Im happy my ps4 isnt getting monthly updates...all those updates will add up and use up a significant amount of the hard drive...plus all I want out of a console is to pop games in and play...and I have a bad data cap so these updates would piss me off
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User Info: Hazmat963

3 years ago#54
Oh, cute, console wars.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#55
*uncontrollable sobbing*

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User Info: shauntennine

3 years ago#56
The article actually contained this:

“This is really starting to get annoying,” writes Reddit user DarkSlayer 224. “Xbox One has gotten like 8 major updates since launch and we’ve gotten 1… Please Sony, hurry up with MP3 support, DLNA and name changing!”

High quality stuff right there.

User Info: tributegames

3 years ago#57
honestly, share factory is fantastic, ive made some nice videos with it.
still waiting for mp3 and dlna support. I really miss dlna. I dont think Sony has enough people to work on all these things, yoshida alludes to this problem. and of course, lack of proper bluetooth support is extremely disappointing, but I don't think they'll ever add that back in.
I'm very happy with my ps4 though, but it's far from perfect.
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User Info: Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis
3 years ago#58
I am not a fanboy of either brand, but I didn't care for the original Xbox, but when the 360 came out and I got one (about a year to a year and a half after it's release; because if you recall, it didn't really have any great games for a while), I loved it. The Xbox Live Arcade, the controller, the Xbox Live system, everything. I always end up buying each console from each generation, so I had a PS3 as well, but I didn't hardly play it. I had it for about 9 months after the release before I decided to sell it. Basically there weren't any playstation games I wanted to play that weren't on 360 as well. Since 360 had a better multiplayer, friends list, just all around online system, it made sense to get it for the 360.

Then MGS4 came out. I was almost positive that it would eventually be ported to 360, but that didn't happen so I decided to buy a PS3 and MGS4 and then return the PS3 when I was done, I ended up keeping it though because they had finally caught up to 360 in terms of their PSN system. They started to add Trophies (which at first I thought was lame until they started updating games that didn't have trophies so that they did).

So basically last gen I was all about the 360. It wasn't fanboyism, it was just the fact that I didn't really play my PS3, and the 360 had all the exclusives I wanted and the other games were multi platform.

That brings us to this generation. I didn't really look into what the PS4 and Xbox One were all about. I knew the basics about Xbox One, that it included a Kinect and that it was supposed to be a lot better than the old one, which is true, but it didn't get any use when I had an Xbox One. Basically I bought the One because I was all about 360, so I got it because I figured MS wouldn't create a crap console, and they didn't, but the fact that I had to spend $100 extra for the Kinect, which hardly got any use besides signing me in automatically, and then they release a version w/o the Kinect once they realize that they are putting themselves at a disadvantage to PS4 since it's 100 more. I looked at the games for PS4 and Xbox One before the consoles came out, and basically that was my deciding factor. Xbox One has more exclusives that I want than PS4, however the closer I looked, I realized that besides the Dead Rising 3 launch title which was awesome, none of the games I wanted were coming out until Mid-late 2015. Then I started to look at the PS4 more, and realized that it had a lot of great games coming out, yea some are multi platform, but some aren't. So I sold my Xbox One to get a PS4 (luckily about a week before they announced the Xbox One w/o the kinect). Unfortunately I didn't end up getting a PS4 because I was low on finances at the time, but I do have them now. Tomorrow I am buying a PS4 and I already have preordered Destiny, The Last of Us Remastered (I have avoided playing it on PS3 because of all the great reviews it has gotten, I figured I would get the remastered edition), Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition (never played any diablo, and I know how popular it is, so I expect I will enjoy it), Metal Gear Solid V, Shadow of Mordor, and Kingdom Hearts III.

Basically what made me decide to switch from Xbox One to Ps4 is the fact that I realized Sony took the best of PS3 and Xbox 360 and made it better. Their PS Store is much better, and with PS Plus, it's even more awesome. The fact that your PS3, PS4 and Vita can all work together is also intriguing. But the main reason is I think this generation PS4 will have the exclusives I want as well as the multi platform. I do plan to rebut Xbox One, but probably not until a price drop, console upgrade for same price, and until the exclusives I am looking forward to are out (Halo Master Chief Collection, Halo V Guardians, Quantum Break, Sunshine Overdrive, and others).
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User Info: Flash-Incentive

3 years ago#59
RCW29 posted...
xbox needed more updates because of the broken mess of an UI it is using. Another fail for windows 8.
Real games that had heart, were innovative, or were truly complete are few and far between; now replaced by pay-to-win, DLC fueled rip offs...Sad times.

User Info: PraetorXyn

3 years ago#60
This thread is like arguing over which turd is shinier.
Console war in a nutshell:
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