Hows the Destiny beta going?

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User Info: Rome218

3 years ago#11
I'll post what I posted on the Destiny boards:
I have mixed feelings. It feels like a fun game when I play with my friends, but to me there seems to be something missing. The only reason I enjoy Halo is for the co-op campaign, which is much faster paced and with a lot less downtime. I understand this is mixing RPGs into it, but getting new weapons don't really have the excitement as say, Borderlands.

The missions so far have been okay. The missions I've played go the same, go to an area, and the game ruins the immersion of everything by pretty much giving you a heads up when you are coming to the last part of the mission with the warning message.

One mission the boss fight was really boring, he chewed up ammo and all his minions have a needler. Another one felt like I was running around deploying a robot, just having no idea why, and then going into an area to play horde mode.

I did not come into the beta with high expectations, and I am not leaving with them either. I played Wolfenstein and Sniper Elite 3, both are great games IMO.. I'm not getting that vibe with this one. This is my opinion, I am not slamming the game because I only played some of the beta, but it is already getting boring for me. I do enjoy the ragdoll physics in the game, but I see it mainly being a game that I will purchase with my friends.. play about a month, and it may collect dust or I'll trade it in, like Titanfall.

Just my 2 cents. ^_^; The only two games I've traded in this year are the games that were overhyped, Watchdogs and Titanfall. Watchdogs was fun, but it wasn't even close to the most enjoyable sandbox ever. In fact, I'd call that Betadog, because Sleeping Dogs was more awesome IMO.

User Info: xmonkeyofevil

3 years ago#12
PvE/Main story missions were pretty interesting, and when you play the missions on hard then it's quite the challenge. PvP on the other hand was horribly dull IMO but:

-I want to see more modes available before completely passing judgement on the PVP
-That's not the focus of the game, so if it ends up being as meh as it is in the beta than I can live with that.

User Info: bLiNdSnIpErZ20

3 years ago#13
It's a lot of fun. I'm definitely going to upgrade my pre order to the $100 edition.
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User Info: rainmaker7783

3 years ago#14
Unimpressed with the beta but full game might be better

User Info: slowdog76

3 years ago#15
i found it to be ok. did a bit of co-op on a couple missions and that was enjoyable. pvp is dull and could have done with another game-type

its better than i expected. you kinda have to keep in mind that this is an mmo really.
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User Info: CapwnD

3 years ago#16
Felt like HaloZone. I'd rather play Halo.
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

3 years ago#17
As I said in another topic, it didn't need to be online-only. It has no impact on the game, honestly. They merely said "let's give people less options." It's DRM masquerading as some obscure "vision" from the developer. It'd be like making Borderlands 2 require an internet connection to function. It's made for co-op too, but they don't punch you in the butt about it.
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User Info: Ludacris01

3 years ago#18
it's okay

not worthy of the hype at all.

It's a good thing they released the beta, because I would be disappointed if I had paid $60 for the game, now that I know what it is
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User Info: pnut3844

3 years ago#19
Its decent. I really had higher hopes for it, even after people's opinion. I think the fact that you can only play one map sucks, maybe the full game will be better. The weapons and armor are no big deal, it doesn't have enough boarderlands in it. In fact as I'm playing it I'm yearning for boarderlands 3. There's just not much to do in the beta. Haven't tried pvp yet. And the missions send you to the same damn place over and over. They should have made weapons and armor more customizable. Or at the very least the weapons. Some attachments like scopes would have been nice. I'm hoping the full game will be better but I doubt they'll change much, it's so close to release.

User Info: BERZERKER17

3 years ago#20
BoneRevolution posted...

My fault for listening the alpha players...those guys are so hungry that anything is good. I should've known...


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