Blu ray movie load

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User Info: Fanthem

3 years ago#1
I remember back when I used to have a PS3. Loading a movie took a while. I'm just wondering how quick it is on PS4. I loaded a blu ray movie on XBOX1 and I was pleasantly surprised how quick it was. Not trolling. The troll treats are that a way. :-)

User Info: CyberEvil

3 years ago#2
The blu-ray player on the Xbox One seems to be a bit better than the PS4 one, oddly enough. Do a quick Google search and you'll find a few different articles about the subject. With 3D support coming shortly the Xbox One is pulling ahead pretty fast in that area.
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User Info: SEGA128DC

3 years ago#3
Hmm, I've been itching to play...
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