Calling all adult gamers

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User Info: pnut3844

3 years ago#111
SMOG-097 posted...
If you're old enough to remember the old console wars of decades past, you are too old for video games. The reason video games get you so up-tight now is because they are no longer fun, but an addiction.

I disagree. I was raised in the 80s, and I still enjoy my games. I don't get bent out of shape about things like res, sales, framerate and other minute details. If I like a system such as my xbone that's all that matters. And if a good game comes out that I like, I could care less what res and framerate it is. I don't do fanboy console wars, never have. Its pointless. It won't affect nor change a thing. It's just immature people ranting and raving having d**k measuring contests, or more accurately, compensation contests. Sure, like most gamers I'll cuss at someone in fps MP, but that's part of the fun, talking smack. It started with halo and I was there from the get go, linking 4 xboxs in 4 rooms with 4 people on each. Btw if you haven't tried that, I advise you to immediately do it, it'll be the most fun MP you've ever experienced. Anyways back to the point, gaming is a fun hobby for me, always has been always will be. When it stops being fun then you need to reevaluate things.

User Info: Froyo101

3 years ago#112
pnut3844 posted...
I had a topic similar to this and it got deleted, said it was against the rules. Prob bc I asked about recommendations for other sites. I guess they don't like that.

Gotta get dat advertising money, eh?
If a game is truly fun, you should be able to enjoy it even if it doesn't have stat tracking, achievements, good graphics, or a ranking system.

User Info: Froyo101

3 years ago#113
truesaiyan309 posted...
I do remember those days tc, but there are a couple of things I'd like to point out. We argue and complain about graphics these days because they are sub par compared to a pc. They are sub par now and we will have these systems for the next 8 or so years. Graphics are a huge reason to upgrade to the newer systems and is what we got really worth it? It's worth keeping that in mind.

I miss local "couch" coop. I think it is absurd how that is not given any thought anymore. I just got a xbox one but I can't play with my brother until he gets his own separate console and games.

Halo's still a great series for local gaming if you like arena style fps games.
If a game is truly fun, you should be able to enjoy it even if it doesn't have stat tracking, achievements, good graphics, or a ranking system.

User Info: crucial

3 years ago#114
I agree TC,these boards will ruin gaming for you if you take it in to much,what is funny is when I am out in public no one cares,we just talk about games no matter what console it's on,most of my friends as well as me own PS4/X1/360/PS3 and just talk about the next big game and what we are waiting for,no fanboyism what so ever,it's just people on here can hide behind the keyboard and shoot off the soupcooler because its funny and easy to do.

Find another message board with real mod's and you will be much better off,I go to a few other boards that is nothing like this,most people get along and will get banned if you are a sheep/cheerleader.

The mod's are the reason these boards are like this and are Ponie's and let way to much slide.

User Info: bluedragon619

3 years ago#115
Conflict is our nature, some people just don't know when to let it die.
Your dead, NOW STAY DEAD

User Info: Adrastia

3 years ago#116
saleama posted...
There were no "console wars" back then. You bought one system and your buddy bought the other one and you went to each others house. It was great. I always bought the Sega systems and my buddy got nintendo until the 64 came along. At that point I had all the systems that came out at the time. To many good games not to have all three.

Besides the bit wars thing it wasn't so bad. I don't remember any fanboys or people arguing with each other over which system was better. Not to this extent. And many of the games that appeared on multiple systems had a lot of differences between games. I kind of miss those unique versions.

I remember we were the first on the block to get a Genesis. So everyone came over to play Sonic. Then another friend got an SNES and we all went there to play Street Fighter 2. Times seemed so much simpler then...
The gate to tomorrow is not the light of heaven, but the darkness of the depths of the earth...... - Vincent FF7

User Info: beutlich99

3 years ago#117
"Adult gamers done have XBox One" @Bellum whatever

Average age of a "gamer" = 31. Chances are more XBone owners are older than you.

Here's my source.

User Info: beutlich99

3 years ago#118
Doing couch co-op and beers tonight brother. That's how I roll multiplayer in my household.

User Info: vega2505

3 years ago#119
I didn't subscribe to any game magazines or have any friends during the NES/SNES/PSX era, so I never knew about the console wars and bits BS...and when the next console generation came around, everyone knew which system was the most powerful, because it was obvious.
I used to be a Street Fighter like you...then I took a Spiral Arrow to the knee.

User Info: SumerNivek

3 years ago#120
OP, yes, I remember those days...but the constant bickering was even more intense then in my experience. I was a big NES fanboy and one of my good friends converted to Genesis and made fun of us all with the whole "Genesis does what Nintendon't" thing...there was some pretty strong words exchanged at during this time period and it was more intense then the MS vs. Sony thing currently going least in my opinion.
"One more thing. If anything, they're Wisps in Eredar form." -Posted by Doilyn on 5/9/06.
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