do you think bungie will or should

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User Info: uniquebadger

3 years ago#11
saleama posted...
uniquebadger posted...
I would hate to see this become a trend. Essentially you would be punishing the people who didn't want to pre-order the game or didn't get into the beta. But this is also coming from someone who hates pre-order items and DLC in games as exclusives, it just punishes someone who doesn't want to just buy a game on hype and wants to wait to see if the game is good or not.

TBONE_OG posted...
It would be nice to keep some stuff...

It's just odd that they let you get level 10 gear or so in the beta.

I think in this case it is most likely the blue gear starts at lvl 10, but i could be wrong on that. But since it is a beta they didn't bother to tailor the item drops to the level cap, instead we are seeing the items that would be available at the point in the game to earn. Same reason we see ??? monsters in areas we aren't supposed to access at that low of a level, you will probably go back there at a higher level to clear the areas.

It would take far to much work for them to tailor all the gear down to the beta and level cap when the point of the beta really is to stress test the servers.

Wow! This generation kills me. How is you see this as a punishment to those who didn't preorder instead of a reward for those who did? Unreal.

This generation huh? The reward for playing the beta is getting to play the game early. Plus for those online on Saturday you will get a special emblem i think.
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