Who started that whole 1080p BS?

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User Info: MicrosoftLover

3 years ago#11
Cows Go Hisssss posted...
I have no idea, but my best guess would be PS4 fans.

I would agree.

PS4 fans are the only people I've seen that care about games graphics. I cancelled my subscription to Game Informer magazine because they take certain games and critique them on their Gameplay, Controls, Replayability. All that is fine, but they also critique games on their Graphics, and THAT means that the people behind Game Informer are PS4 fans. And I for one will not be party to it any longer.
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User Info: iamdanthaman

3 years ago#12
gamebuyer22 posted...
Well considering 360 started HD (720p) console gaming all the way back in 2005, 1080p(or even more) and 60fps should be standard with a system launching in 2013. The fact there are so many 720p games on X1 is where it all stems from. Plus inferior ports.

So its a reverse of the Ps3 and 360 last gen. Ps3 had some bad ports for the first few years. With some laughably bad ones like Bayonetta or Ghostbusters running at 540p haha. I owned both systems so it didnt matter though.

Actually several games for the OG Xbox supported 720p including Soul Caliber 2 and enter the matrix(which was also one of the few that supported 1080i)

PS2 had a handful of games that supporrted 720p, most notably Gran Tourismo 4.

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User Info: jerrick

3 years ago#13
Sony fans for sure. Xbox fans are allergic to that term.

User Info: HughJorgenn

3 years ago#14
Steve Chase.

User Info: METALINGUS5150

3 years ago#15
Microsoft having an underpowered console is what started it.
Don't pretend like lack of 1080p isn't a big deal.

User Info: Apex-Player

3 years ago#16
MS announced 'all your next gen games in 1080p" during the xboxone reveal,
their own fault for promoting what they couldn't deliver, all that false advertising and what not.
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User Info: TBONE_OG

3 years ago#17
I did. It was me... I'm to blame. Here's what happened...

One night long ago, I was out at a bar with some friends and we shooting some pool, talking the bs. You know -- having a good time. And out of nowhere some broad bumps into me, spilling my drink on my pants. Naturally, I was pissed. That was a high quality cocktail soaking into my underwear. As I turned to say, wtf, I was shocked and amazed to see this beautiful woman standing before me. I was flustered, embarrassed. standing there with a wet a crotch. Suddenly, these words just fell out of my mouth. "Wow... you're so hot, you must be in 1080p." Dead silence. I froze. What did I just say? That made no sense. She's not a crisp and clear video game in a top notch resolution. She's a real woman for Christ sake! Well, I did what any normal man would do after he says something completely idiotic. I looked up and smirked like a moron. At this time, my friends were on the other side of the pool table in awe, other bar patrons were in a daze, and this broad, this chick, this gorgeous woman just takes me in for a second, and says, "You're damn right I am." And the place just lost it. People went nuts. They were saying, OMG -- that's like the hottest thing ever! People were breaking chairs, throwing pool balls. I think one dude jumped out a window into the street and screamed, "1080p for me of nothing" and then got hit by a bus. When the police started hosing people down and making arrests, I lost sight of Miss 1080p in all the commotion. And to this day, I still yearn for her. Every chance I get I sneak by that bar time to time, just to see if she'll return. The search continues. One day I say. One day she'll be back... and hopefully this time... in 60fps.
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User Info: Bob the Almighty

Bob the Almighty
3 years ago#18
Adam Sessler.

He made the infamous "these next-gen consoles better be 1080p/60fps" or something to that effect back around E3 2013 or so.
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User Info: Shadowfxd2

3 years ago#19
METALINGUS5150 posted...
Microsoft having an underpowered console is what started it.
Don't pretend like lack of 1080p isn't a big deal.

this, last gen the selling point was HD (720p), it's only natural that we should get 1080p this gen. Nintendo and Sony do it, yet MS can't? It doesn't make sense why it's not all 1080p on Xbone, since it's still more powerful than Wii U, just not as powerful as PS4.

User Info: Parisinflames78

3 years ago#20
METALINGUS5150 posted...
Microsoft having an underpowered console is what started it.
Don't pretend like lack of 1080p isn't a big deal.

It isn't because resolution has zero impact on whether I enjoy a game or not.
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