Who started that whole 1080p BS?

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User Info: carljenk

3 years ago#71
Well if you own a really old TV then the Xbox One is perfect for you!

User Info: tydog98

3 years ago#72
No one "started it". The only thing that happened is that FPS/resolution replaced bits
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User Info: cjnoone

3 years ago#73

Says everything I would.
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User Info: archibald3

3 years ago#74
carljenk posted...
Well if you own a really old TV then the Xbox One is perfect for you!

Trolls like this try to perpetuate it - even by lying and distorting the truth. Xbox One has a lot of games in 1080p now or at the very least upscaled from 900p. Having an old tv isn`t good for either console. The troll knows it - just likes to try to annoy people.

Congratulations on being an annoying person who makes the internet a worse place to be. You put yourself in fine company with the other social rejects and little kids.

Duly ignored..

User Info: rpglover13

3 years ago#75
For anyone saying that playstation started this this gen please be honest with yourself. Last gen was just as bad about graphics as this gen. One of the big things that Xbox 360 owners prided themselves with was the fact that their console played most mutliplatform games better and with higher quality graphics due to the fact that PS3 was harder to design for and had a different internal structure that caused complications when trying to run the same software, but made exclusives just as good, if not better, especially towards the last half of the generation.

Now the roles are simply reversed and you have a whole bunch of people once lauding graphic superiority claiming that it doesn't matter.

Either way, it's stupid. So long as a game doesn't look like crap you can't really tell much of a difference and it doesn't make much of a difference when playing, at least to me.

User Info: dolabla

3 years ago#76
Honestly, nobody actually started it. It just happened. Now it's something we as a community can't avoid. We just have to grow thicker skin (I'm getting there) and brush it off. As much as it pains me to say, PS4 is the more superior product.

User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

3 years ago#77
gamebuyer22 posted...
Well considering 360 started HD (720p) console gaming all the way back in 2005, 1080p(or even more) and 60fps should be standard with a system launching in 2013. The fact there are so many 720p games on X1 is where it all stems from. Plus inferior ports.

All the people defending Xbox 1, did you not expect a 1080p standard this gen??

Im not one of the people that defend the X1, but I can tell you this at least: I expected X1 and PS4 to both be able to sustain 1080p while also increasing overall graphic quality over time. Then I went and upgraded my PC with a GTX 770 with 4gb of ram. My card will last a while, but I probably will only be able to run games in 1080p for around 3 years, maybe 4, but that's a highly improbable "maybe".

Considering the sheer power of my 770 (lol and the 780ti crushes it) compared to the PS4/X1s GPUs, it's probably more powerful than both added together, and I have seen my 770 struggle a time or two already since I got it in December.

DX12 for the PC sounds better and better every time I read about it, and that might help increase most GPUs performance in past, present, and future games, and will make developing games for the PC a much more viable option for devs.

Anyways PC gaming might take off after DX12 hits, and if it does, the consoles are going to be struggling big time to match IQ of PC titles. If gamers want 1080p this whole generation, then their games will be barren, stripped down counterparts.

People don't understand what can be done with the power that 1080p takes away from the same game in 720p. The jump from PS1 to PS2 (and ps1 to OG Xbox even more) was so huge because standard definition was standard, so all the power offered by the new system went 100% towards the game engine for graphics. If we stayed 720p this generation, nobody would care by 2015, because all the games graphics would have been insane. You would see all the power going straight towards actual in-game graphics instead of being reserved for pixels that weren't there previous gen.

To me the whole point of gaming in 1080p arose when textures started getting higher res. and geometry, models, etc, all became more detailed, so higher resolution allows you to see more detail at further (in game) distances, while up to a certain distance it begins to not matter. So all the detail that has been put in, is now more visible. I guess where I'm going with this, is that 720p is still a very good resolution, as long as the actual graphics are good, and things like aliasing are ommited & anistropy added to/from the image, it will still produce an excellent picture. Now is 1080p better? Absolutely. However I don't think that graphics have came far enough yet to really require 1080p, because all the detail in the game can't be seen in 720p properly.

I personally don't think graphics have surpassed quality that demands higher than 720p yet even. Watch some TV in 720p. You can see tons of detail if it's a good image (TV & signal), and obviously it's real life, so 720p holds back detail because the detail is infinite, 1080p for TV makes a huge, HUGE difference. The difference in the same game 720p to 1080p is nothing compared to the same TV program from 720p to 1080p (yes I know, monitor size matters for this). So my point there is that we should be focusing on getting photo realistic image quality before going on and on about the resolution. Because in a few years we are going to either be hitting 1080p with 30fps or lower, and moderate detail compared to PC, or lower res, solid 30-60 fps, and high detail in correlation to PC. Theres really no way around it. Games are going to get pretty advanced here in the next few years from what we've seen in the past.
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User Info: AtomicPenguin76

3 years ago#78
dolabla posted...
Honestly, nobody actually started it. It just happened.

If we're talking about the XB1, Microsoft started it when they revealed the system and made claims about performance with it.

They've changed their message repeatedly. 1080p/60 for any games! Then changed it to "it's up to developers to get 1080p/60, the system can do it" as if that was actually an even semi-intelligent statement (of course it can, if you keep reducing graphics fidelity until you hit that performance mark). Then it was "you can't even tell the difference I bet!", which is the latest round I've seen.

In the end, the biggest reason why it gets harped on about the system is because of what Microsoft has said, not what anyone else did.

User Info: GameNeedy

3 years ago#79
When did 1080p and graphics become bs? I know games aren't all about the gr... 1080p? But.. oh, hold on, I just got a call on the phone. Reassurance topic? Don't post? I'll look like a Sony troll fanboy at best? What if I'm buying my friends xbox one this week? Doesn't matter?

Ok, I'm back. What was I going to say?

User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#80
dolabla posted...
Honestly, nobody actually started it. It just happened. Now it's something we as a community can't avoid. We just have to grow thicker skin (I'm getting there) and brush it off. As much as it pains me to say, PS4 is the more superior product.

You have a lot of class dude. I think its Microsofts fault 100% and you guys just get hit with the shrapnel being thrown at them.

They did try to ruin the hobby and people aren't going to forgive and forget, especially when Sony and Nintendo aren't trying to "Redefine the definition of game ownership" and forcing a camera and microphone array onto their customers after being caught red handed in the biggest spy scandal in history.

I wish your side had more respectable guys like yourself that don't attack the messenger and debate with honesty and integrity.


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