Series that had HUGE leaps in sequels

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User Info: Sigarmz

3 years ago#41
Mass Effect.

User Info: LanternOfAsh

3 years ago#42
Oh god, I'm going with Street Fighter 2 also. The first one was ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS.
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User Info: Ironcondorz

3 years ago#43
Street Fighter 2 definitely. As for something more recent, Two Worlds 2 is a MAJOR MAJOR improvement over Two Worlds 1.

User Info: crucial

3 years ago#44
GTA 1 and 2 were unplayable but GTA3 changed everything and spawned a hole genre but the number one sequel to totally destroy the previous game was Street Fighter 2,SF1 was awful I mean terrible,clunky,looked bad and had very few fighters to choose from then SF2 came out and spawned a genre that lasted 2 decades and still going strong,SF2 by far.

User Info: Solis

3 years ago#45
I think Super Mario Bros. might be one of the most notable examples of this, or at the very least, was the most impactful one. From a personal standpoint though, the jump from System Shock 1 to System Shock 2 was incredible.

pnut3844 posted...
If I wanted a pirates game I'd buy a freaking pirates game.

Except that AC4 was the best pirates game out what pirates game would you play instead?
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User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#46
Personally i loved AC3 but thats just me, helps that i love the American Revolution. I also liked AC1 but the jump from AC1 to AC2 was huge, Ubisoft really knocked it out of the park with AC2. AC4 is the best imo though, but i am not sure if its because i like AC or because its the perfect Pirate game, i mean we have Sid Meijers Pirates but still its not the same. AC4 was the Pirate game i always dreamed of.
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User Info: natrapslive

3 years ago#47
Tomb Raider
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User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
3 years ago#48
I don't get all the hate for AC3. Terrible ending aside, it was a solid game imo. Then again US history was always interesting to me.

Anyway, I'll try to stick to unmentioned sequels:

Super Mario 3
Super Mario World
Super Metroid
Mortal Kombat 9
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & OoT
...Pretty much any Nintendo game that jumped to 3D
Smash Bros Melee

User Info: LEGEND_725

3 years ago#49
Borderlands>>>borderlands 2

Disagree with mass effect. 2 stripped too many of the rpg elements for me
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