Competition is good

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User Info: slippertails

3 years ago#1
As a huge video game nerd I'm more than a bit confused and disheartened at the so called console flame wars. If Microsoft fails don't people realize this bad for everyone of us. It's just as bad for Sony fans as it is for Microsoft fans. Sony and Microsoft push each other to make their products better by competing. ps+ was a great idea and it forced Microsoft to do the same thing. If either Sony or ms didnt exist do you think anyone would be getting free games if there was only one console to choose from? Microsoft had xboxlive a full four years before psn. Sony was forced to embrace online gaming and a digital marketplace because of xboxlive. Microsoft invented the achievement system which Sony later adopted. This gen ms has voice control and the snap feature which can be argued as the one really different defining innovation of this new gen. Obviously Sony will eventually adopt these things as well. Point is competition is good and makes both systems better so the animosity and constant bs crap talking on both sides will come back to bite both sides in the butt in the end. We need to root for these companies to do well for the good of our beloved hobby.

Ps being positive doesnt mean you can't disagree with certain policies but it seems like people are taking pleasure in rooting for ms or Sony to fail.
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User Info: blaze9990

3 years ago#2
Lol at Xbox being 'competition' for Sony
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User Info: BoneRevolution

3 years ago#3
blaze9990 posted...
Lol at Xbox being 'competition' for Sony

Indeed, we know Sony's real competitor is Ouya
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