wow just finished contrast. great time

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3 years ago#1
so last night I was browsing Xbox One game marketplace and I was looking around for something different. and I seen contrast immediately the art style, caught my eye it's very Tim Burton which I love that creepy dark style.

then I started looking at the description and it's a puzzle platformer now I hate puzzle games absolutely hate them. I just don't like getting caught up on a puzzle and it's just frustrating. maybe that's why I hate God of war so much this is amazing God like mortal can't progress unless he figures out where to put three boxes.

so anyway I just said what the hell and bought it and I have the time of my life very awesome story. One or two parts where I got stuck for a minutes but it was a great game about five or six hours great voice acting and a pretty dark but satisfying ending.

very happy with my purchase for the 15 on to the next
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User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#2
I agree that it's a decent game. Everyone was hating on it when it was a free game for the PS4. Haters gotta hate I guess.
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User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#3
It's a great game with awesome music. Laura Ellis (Kat) is a friend of mine IRL. She sings with some of the best musicians in Jazz and is one if the genre best female vocalists. Im a little biased admittedly because shes a friend. The title song is one of my personal favorite songs.

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