Best router for gaming?

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User Info: uniquebadger

3 years ago#11
CapwnD posted...
uniquebadger posted...
Make sure your router is compatible with your Internet Provider. For charter only your ISP can send your router Firmware updates, so you can't do it yourself. I have a motorolla router that i spent $200 on a while back and i can't update the firmware since i'm Charter.

That sounds like you're talking about a modem or gateway. Your ISP cannot access your router at all, unless you're talking about a gateway.

Actually you are right. I forgot the one i use is a modom/router in one.

User Info: x1STP_KLOSRx

3 years ago#12
CapwnD posted...
SteelTooth posted...
Asus RT-AC66U

But for like $20 more you can get the RT-68U!
EDIT: the price isn't as close as it used to be. RT-AC66U is about $150 and RT-AC68U is about $218 at amazon

Actually that is a good suggestion. I did use the RT-AC66u and it did work fine with multiple xboxes online at the same time, and that was without flashing the firmware.

So I would suggest Asus RT-AC66U with stock firmware if you don't want to flash it, or Asus RT-AC68U with DDWRT.

I usually buy the newest but I can vouch for the AC66U being a top tier router. Great range, NAT remain open on PS4 and Xbox One and my WiFi speeds are generally comparable to my wired speeds. Pings vary though but not by much.

User Info: blingbling078

3 years ago#13
Netgear blackhawk... 200 bux its amazing

User Info: theantikarma

3 years ago#14
blingbling078 posted...
Netgear blackhawk... 200 bux its amazing

That is what I bought.
Karma 3ds FC: 1779-1740-0378
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