What is your favorite intro sequence/cinematic for a video game?

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  3. What is your favorite intro sequence/cinematic for a video game?

User Info: jerrick

3 years ago#21
Final Fantasy VII

User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#22
Ninja Gaiden on NES.

I love the music, and I've envisioned that sequence cinematically and how I'd direct it (with actors and CGI) a million times.
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User Info: FinzFan4life

3 years ago#23
skermac posted...
The Last of Us, period, end of story.

LooksLikeRain posted...
The Last of Us.

He said game intro lol jk
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User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#24
The story opening to Soul Reaver

EDIT: I posted this without reading the thread. Glad to see others on the same page.
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User Info: sockesocke

3 years ago#25
intro cinematic: final fantasy 8
playable intro: ff7 bombing mission.
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User Info: barrysshoes

3 years ago#26
Mass Effect 2

User Info: KhelThuzad

3 years ago#27
Lands of Lore 2.
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User Info: WaynewardSon

3 years ago#28
I'm going to assume no one has seen The Witcher 2's opening sequence? Got me really excited to play the game.

User Info: Ellesarien

3 years ago#29
The Witcher.

I mean....C'mon :

I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.

User Info: ScRui

3 years ago#30
Seph killing Aeris in FFVII, then cloud coming in and hold her and letting her go in the pond...

I was about 12-13 I think... Im not ashamed to admit... I cried...

Truly gut wrenching...


Oops didn't see the 'intro' part in the topic title... I thought it was just sequence/cinematic in a game..
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  3. What is your favorite intro sequence/cinematic for a video game?

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