Why do people on this board hate Titanfall?

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User Info: darkness1018

2 years ago#71
The only thing that makes me never wanna play TF is the lack of a SP mode. It looks interesting & if it would've had a regular SP story mode, I would've bought it someday.
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User Info: XanthielX

2 years ago#72
leathelj posted...
AlterEgo3561 posted...
leathelj posted...
Destiny gets a free pass even tho it's online only and 6v6 because it's on ps4 that's the majority reason some ppl did have legit gripes about TF but those were far and in between it was just none stop constant trolling titanfall every with online only and 6v6

Destiny gets a pass because it is a full game with multiple worlds, missions and content all before even getting into the pvp. Titanfall is only pvp, sure there are five different game modes for said pvp (Destiny has the same) but outside those game modes there is nothing else to do. I liked Titanfall but even I have to say the Destiny comparison is really silly.

Sry but I disagree I'm sry but to me ppl are flip flopping hypicrates and Titan fall did not deserve so much hate. I will never forget how Titan fall was bashed to death for online only and 6v6 while others get free passes cause it's on ps4 I will never forget and every time I see a game from this day on with online only or 6v6 or both I will cringe and shake my head and remember how awful ppl can be and how fast they flip flop when stuff is on there console.

Are there even any games on ps4 that are PVP only 6v6? Hell are there even any other PVP only games on any platform that feature such a dearth of game type/player count variety and retail at $60?

That's the gripe a lot of people have, that a multiplayer only game should be more diverse within it's field, yet games like halo/cod/battlefield/pretty much any shooter with single player content all have at least as much multiplayer content as well as the single player stuff.

Titanfall is actually right up my alley: I play small teams deathmatch almost exclusively on online shooters, but surely you can at least see how some people might feel the game doesn't bring enough given all the features that have been cut from similar games.

Also, I saw someone bring up TLoU and how it was only 4v4 on one of the earlier pages... either someone is trolling, or some people on this forum have inferiority issues about that game being ps exclusive. It'd be nice to see one topic on the xb1 board where someone doesn't explain by xbox exclusive game X is better than TLoU...
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