Xbox Live Games with Gold for August 2014

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User Info: Raddy8

3 years ago#61
Exodus_Prime posted...
Yes! I knew holding off on Crimson Dragon would pay off yay for my wallet. Also Strike Suit zero looks awesome.

Same here, wanted to play crimson but was hopeful of it being free soon.
Sucks on dishonored for 360 though, bought it a short while ago.
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User Info: NightMareBunny

3 years ago#62
strike suit zero any good?
PS3 VV_Argost
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User Info: Kipbondur

3 years ago#63
I get two games for free? NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

GT: Kip Bondur

User Info: Omega_Black

3 years ago#64
Two middling games...le sigh.
It won't hurt to add them to my queue but my last gen backlog will definitely take priority.
Go where the games are...
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User Info: PoweredMilkMan

3 years ago#65
NightMareBunny posted...
strike suit zero any good?

Controls are wonkek until you change them in the settings then it's a pretty decent game.
X1 GT:Bloodandbourbon Ps4 ID:Bloodandbourbon

User Info: SaviorMoney

3 years ago#66
xHughJasx posted...
Let them run out of bad games early on. Then later on they won't have any choice but to start giving us decent games.

First off, there are worse games than these. I love Crimson Dragon because I loved Panzer Dragoon and its just a continuation of that series but if you think they are ever gonna run out of bad games, you must not know about ID@Xbox. Dont be surprised if most of the GwG offerings are ID@Xbox titles. There are literally TONS of them in production as we speak.

User Info: mhunterchump

3 years ago#67
Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero are live now to download free with gold.
PSN/Xbox One: mhunterchump ------- Wii U: mhunterARK
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