why did YOU buy an xbone?

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User Info: f3zza5000

3 years ago#11
Drofrehterv2 posted...
I wanted to play the exclusives for Microsoft. I like the controller over the Dual Shock. I also enjoy XBL but I can't compare it to PS+. Do you have a preference for exclusives? Or controllers? Do your friends all have one or the other?

well right now non of my friends are on next gen. we pretty much agreed that we're not bothered about exclusives or the multiplayer service but more the social side, I enjoy playin with people i actually know as opposed to randoms online. I've been thinking about going next gen but I really cant decide which system to get. especially now they're both the same price (xbone without kinect).
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 years ago#12
Certain exclusives (Dead Rising 3 and at the time Plants vs Zombies)

Better controller for shooters which I mainly play.

All my friends in real life went Xbox one this gen.

No PS4s available at the time.

I can only own one console this gen and went where my friends went cause it made the most sense.
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User Info: ave1

3 years ago#13
I have four reasons for basically leaving PS3 for X1:

1). Sony took away stuff that PS3 had going for it which reminds me of when they took rumble outta the controller. Stuff like free online gaming, the ability to use old system controllers and steering wheels via adapters, analog buttons on the face of the controller, and BC. They also didn't include mp3 capability and I was not at all happy with them when it comes to that... and I'm still not liking them for zapping the PSP the way they did and not designing the Vita to work with those games.

2) Forza 5 and NFS Rivals out-competed Sony's lackluster showing in the racing games department.

3) Last generation I liked having a 360 first and then later getting a Sony console. I'll end up doing it also like this in this generation.

4) I'm in for some Halo fun and will play it with my 360 controller connected via an adapter :)
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User Info: MusuoJoe

3 years ago#14
I didn't, I bought an Xbox One..
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User Info: DoggiesLipstick

3 years ago#15
MusuoJoe posted...
I didn't, I bought an Xbox One..

I like what I like, Microsoft shows no loyalty towards me, I don't show any towards them. I don't get paid to promote Xbox nor do I get paid to bad-mouth Sony.

User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#16
Cause i got it for 300 instead of 400

At 400 it isnt worth the same as a ps4

Got it to play exclusives.....titanfall was very good imo

User Info: Reflex-Arc

3 years ago#17
For the same reason I purchased a PS4 and a Wii U; to play exclusive games that I can't play on PC.
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User Info: zerooo0

3 years ago#18
I had both 360 and PS3 last gen and I just liked the 360 better.

Controller amazing, FPS is my favorite genre so Xbox was a great console to go to, Halo is amazing, X1 to me looks better than a PS4 console wise, the games this year look better, but next year could be a different story, and I prefer XBL over PSN.

I just normally have better experience with Xbox than I did with Playstation.
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User Info: wskingws

3 years ago#19
To play games. Sadly I can't do that anymore cause my second xbox one just stopped reading discs just like my day one edition did a few months after launch.
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User Info: zerosignal316

3 years ago#20
Killer Instinct
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