Tired of Halo being disrespected by being put in the same sentence as TLOU

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User Info: Sabram

2 years ago#101
dormcaste posted...
Sabram posted...
LEGEND_725 posted...
Illogical_Poet posted...
Spoilers! :-P

Even though they are very early spoilers I added tag before some butt hurt troll tried to get me modded.

Heathenutopia posted...
Gamers rejoice! Haters...keep performing a Hoover maneuver on your so called life!

Halo and TLoU are masterpieces in their own rights. Get over it already and move on.

However, ANY talk of TLoU does not belong on these boards and that includes YOU, Tc.

TLOU is not a masterpiece by no stretch of the imagination

The high Metacritic score and slew of GotY awards says otherwise. I believe it's the most awarded game of all time. I'm playing through it myself now, and I can admit i'm really enjoying it. The gameplay is NOT that bad. It's nothing spectacular, but I cant ever remember having to hide from enemies who only hunt by sound before.

Yeah good point what was I thinking trying to have an opinion of my own uninfluenced by others

Guess I'll just listen to the reviews instead of having my own opinion of the game :/

People who give credibility to game reviews today are blind. There is hardly any objectivity left in it. Reviewers don't fixate on gameplay enough to appropriately grade a game anymore. The Last of Us was a terrible game outside of its voice acting and visual presentation. That is all that Naughty Dog does anymore. It's hard to believe they ever made Jak and Daxter or Crash Bandicoot.

I was simply stating what my experience with the game has been so far, and referencing that other people whose job it is to analyze these things also think it's a good game. No one says you can't have your own opinion on things. You might also think Justin Beiber is the greatest musical talent in the world, and a lot of people wouldnt agree.

Basically, think what you want, there will always people who disagree with you. Sometimes people with more clout to their arguments will disagree as well, but you can ignore them if you want to.
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User Info: DerekRoss

2 years ago#102
Pretty sure the TLoU won GotY than all 10+ Halo games combined.

User Info: mokmuud

2 years ago#103
This topic is still going?
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User Info: chedibang1994

2 years ago#104
mokmuud posted...
Master Chief is no more iconic than doomguy or any other FPS protagonist.

That's pretty famous
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User Info: Delta_F14

2 years ago#105
lol consoles
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User Info: axelfooley2k5

2 years ago#106
mokmuud posted...
This topic is still going?

User Info: SixStringHero

2 years ago#107
TLOU was a fantastic game and one of the best titles last year along with Bioshock, Tomb Raider and GTA V.

That said, TLOU brought absolutely zero innovation or originality, it was just an incredibly well done game as far as presentation, character development and voice acting.

That said, Halo revolutionized the FPS genre and virtually every top tier shooter to this day incorporates it's formula into it's game play from limited weapon inventory, recharging shields/health, instant melee attack, dedicated grenade button, etc.
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User Info: orestes1981

2 years ago#108
But, the story of Halo was super cliche...
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User Info: HoIySilvergun

2 years ago#109
DerekRoss posted...
Pretty sure the TLoU won GotY than all 10+ Halo games combined.

Of course it did. So much for the xbot bs about how Halo 4 outsold a ton of Sony exclusives. Now The Last of Us is going to outsell Halo 4.
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User Info: mietha

2 years ago#110
I'm not exactly a huge fan of halo, but the OP is completely right. Console multiplayer exists, in LARGE part, due to Halo. It wasn't first, but it was the first thing that a large number of people gave a crap about. The people stoking TLOS so much are probably the same people that agreed with Walking Dead being named GOTY...
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