Tired of Halo being disrespected by being put in the same sentence as TLOU

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User Info: NateRose89

3 years ago#111
SixStringHero posted...
TLOU was a fantastic game and one of the best titles last year along with Bioshock, Tomb Raider and GTA V.

That said, TLOU brought absolutely zero innovation or originality, it was just an incredibly well done game as far as presentation, character development and voice acting.

That said, Halo revolutionized the FPS genre and virtually every top tier shooter to this day incorporates it's formula into it's game play from limited weapon inventory, recharging shields/health, instant melee attack, dedicated grenade button, etc.

Again. Never happened. Anyone who actually played games before that will know that plenty of fps had ALL tjose before Halo. Halo was really just right time, right place.
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User Info: OmegaTavo

3 years ago#112
DerekRoss posted...
Pretty sure the TLoU won GotY than all 10+ Halo games combined.
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User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#113
The other thing is that Halo is HUGE to the Xbox. When you think of Xbox, what game immediately comes to mind? Halo right? Maybe Gears of War. When you think of ps4, do you think of TLoU? I think of Uncharted. So I agree with TC. TLoU shouldn't be mentioned with MCC. It's not as huge as the Halo series, so knock it off with the comparisons. Halo is a huge series. What is there to compare?
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User Info: suzukimatsui

3 years ago#114
Lol you talk nothing about Halo's gameplay yet rip TLOU. Halo's story being more interesting than TLOU that's debatable and as for TLOU being a cliche the same can be said for Halo.

And you have to say all this because its disrespectful for people to have different opinions other than your own? Legend you have taken this pointless trolling to a whole new level

User Info: suzukimatsui

3 years ago#115
LEGEND_725 posted...
Yeah maybe after releasing it twice LOL ^

And what about the Halo collection then? Halo remake now on three consoles, as for the other three they all have now been redone for a second time on another console so your point is moot

User Info: suzukimatsui

3 years ago#116
VoidBeyond posted...
Shadowfxd2 posted...
a FPS revolutionary? ...?

Halo CE defined console FPSs, Halo 2 was the face of MLG and brought online console gaming to light. Yes, they were revolutionary.

Hah..... using Halo as the face of MLG.... people still do that?

User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#117
LEGEND_725 posted...
Legendgetalife posted...
MiniVirus2 posted...
I'm sick of fanboys resting on the laurels of a bled dry franchise that has been in steady decline as console power has IMPROVED. Even the original creators abandoned the series...

It's in the exact same boat as CoD. Hit a high years ago and has failed to replicate the magic.

Granted, there's decent lore ton explore. A few of the games are well crafted, but this is a legacy franchise. Only the most diehard of fans and starved next gen gamers on Xbone really care about MCC or 5.

While I'm not defending TLoU in any way, you certainly come off as someone who is so thoroughly embroidered in the console wars that you simply refuse to give even an inch of edge room to the competition. It's a critically acclaimed game, deal with it That's just juvenile (which I presume you are one of).

In 4-5 years, you'll still be making the same kind of overblown, half-truth remarks and everyone else simply won't give a damn.

Oh, and anyone thinking this EA Access thing is anything other than a timed exclusive is delusional.

That user name... Really???

Bellum_Sacrum posted...
First it was Titanfall vs. Infamous: Second Son.

A multiplayer FPS that is only fun for the first couple of hours vs. a relatively short single player open-world game that I'm having difficulty saying bad things about.

Now it's Halo vs. The Last of Us.

An FPS franchise fallen from grace whose new feature is being tied to a TV series vs. an Oscar-bait movie with bad gameplay.

Keep it classy children.

Lol last halo sold 9 million (2 mil more than TLOU) and averaged like an 88 on meta... Ok?

The Last of Us PS3 averaged 95 on meta
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User Info: Odyssey92

3 years ago#118
HoIySilvergun posted...
DerekRoss posted...
Pretty sure the TLoU won GotY than all 10+ Halo games combined.

Of course it did. So much for the xbot bs about how Halo 4 outsold a ton of Sony exclusives. Now The Last of Us is going to outsell Halo 4.

Wasn't gt 5 ahead of halo 4 in sales

User Info: pnut3844

3 years ago#119
Nothing in the last 15 years can compare to the online fun and epicness of halo. I've seen the trailer and some of the gameplay for tlou and it's not even in the same league as halo. Ps fanboys are just trying to compete with MS epic exclusive that is halo.

User Info: BDJayce

3 years ago#120
If they made a Halo RPG that didn't involve the Master Chef and his scantily clad virtual eye candy then maybe i'd appreciate Halo a bit more.

As it stands the story is more cliche than TLOU will ever be, Master Chief is a boring character once you get past the 'WOW! he's strong.. and his armor is shiny.'

He's 'lucky' and has managed to single handedly end wars that took the lives of nearly every other Spartan.

I don't 'hate' Halo.. I just don't think it deserves the amount of praise it gets and if it wasn't for the "omg! MLG! Multiplayer! Rah!" aspect half the 'fanboys' wouldn't give two craps about it.

Edit: I own every Halo with the exception of the 'remastered' version.. I even have Halo Wars. I like the games but I don't think they deserve the amount of praise heaped upon it. The multiplayer was 'fun' at one point but seems to be slowly delving into the realm of every other FPS game losing what makes it unique.

TLOU is a new game, a single game so maybe it shouldn't be compared to Halo but to feel disrespected? That's a new brand of fanboyism.

Edit 2: If anything the two games are different genres that they shouldn't be compared at all. Maybe if it was TLOU against Gears of War that might make a bit more sense.
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