Microsoft and EA have an unprecedented partnership

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User Info: TrueBlue91

3 years ago#81
EA and M$ have been in bed for so long, I'm just waiting to see what their baby will be like.
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User Info: ScRui

3 years ago#82
The real 91 went byebyes... LOL
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User Info: lightfighter

3 years ago#83
I didn't know EA was for sale....

User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#84
ScRui posted...
blacklabelice posted...
ScRui posted...
blacklabelice posted...
dueric posted...
Only in a fanboy war can EA be used as something positive.

Hey blacklabelice

if you agree with that comment, then why do have atleast owned 12 EA sports titles and almost every NFS game out LOL...

They must not be that bad... You show it by purchasing a lot of their software...

After looking at what you play/own... I actually think that EA Access would be a great Subscription for you to have...

i havent updated that list in quite some time i was bored one day but yeah i have a fair share of ea games. doesnt mean that i like them. i just enjoy certain genres, for instance with NHL and need for speed i find myself buying those. i mean theres no more competition for those kind of games anymore but i still like my hockey and arcade racing.

i dont really like the company. i dont have to. i still play the games

and no ea access wont help me for what i need. the only EA games i still buy is nhl and fifa, and unless i can save 10% off the newest release during launch, then its really of no use to me, as i always upgrade to the newest version every year and never really go back to the older one.

That 10% is for NEW games... And you also would be able to download and play them 5 days before release dates, for FREE and then buy the game (carrying over your saves/progress) with that 10% discount...

I think you should look a little more into it... Just because you play NHL, FIFA yearly...

well i mainly play ultimate team and ive had early access to their games via season ticket but they disable the ultimate team game mode. on those versions

and as for NEW games being 10% off, we will wait and see. thats the only reason i would buy it, to save the 10%

my other only concern is if i buy a game for 10% off the price, would i still be able to play it if my ea access or xbox live subscription expires?

i think ill have to wait this out until i see the full details. like i said, the only reason i would need this is if theres a few games i really want during launch and i want to save a few bucks. i get all my older games from the bargain bin cheap cheap cheap anyways, but if they also let me play full version games for $5 a month then that would also be a plus. otherwise i really have no use for this service i dont care about previews, trailers, or betas, but if i can use it just to save good money on new games then id be game.

User Info: PuffPuffPastor

3 years ago#85
It would be like Rob Schnieder and Nicholas Cage joining forces.
Jeice is bad.... but he aint that bad.

User Info: ghoase

3 years ago#86
TrueBlue91 posted...
EA and M$ have been in bed for so long, I'm just waiting to see what their baby will be like.

the antichrist

User Info: sassynipples

3 years ago#87
Considering Sony took a shot at ea with there remarks like they have been doing because you no they still think it's highschool, I'm pretty sure ea will remember their comments.

User Info: sassynipples

3 years ago#88
So I doubt the service would be on ps

User Info: RedEnsign

3 years ago#89
Crystyn_7B posted...
EA is not up for sale...

Neither was Lucas Arts, or Pixar, or Marvel. In the real business world, you don't put yourself up for sale. You get bought out. If anyone thought EA was valuable, they would have been purchased already. Even with their low stock price, they aren't a good value right now.
I couldn't believe the company I work for sold EA exclusive rights to make Star Wars games. Then I realized when they fail, we still get paid. Well played Bob.
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