Another "Invite me to the Preview" thread

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User Info: CrossFire245

2 years ago#21
If anyone can invite me, I'd greatly appreciate it. GT is o Boston o

User Info: Mottephobic

2 years ago#22
GT: Mottephobic

An invite would be greatly appreciated. Help me succeed as a video game reviewer/writer!

User Info: Casualbrutality

2 years ago#23
Hello can I please have an invite to the preview program? Xbox live c45u4lbru74l17y
Thank you!

User Info: dmckilla77

2 years ago#24
If I could get an invite that would be awsome.



User Info: holden4ever

2 years ago#25
Is this a US only thing or can anyone do it? I'd love an invite if possible.

User Info: Ilovegirls

2 years ago#26
Please please please send me one as well! GT is jayissuperman. Thanks so much.
Silver nickels, golden dimes. Bababooey!

User Info: AceAndJunpei

2 years ago#27
I want to post but don't want to ask for a code.

So here I am!
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  3. Another "Invite me to the Preview" thread

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