I don't even know what direction gaming is going

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User Info: mewmew42

3 years ago#11
You need to check out ign Colin Moriarty

Follow his tweets/youtube and subscribe

He is second to none, he symbolizes the gaming industry and it's direction

User Info: billsfanno1

3 years ago#12
Romanticism of the past is fine, but any time I pull out an old favorite to show my kids I realize how far gaming has come. I've lived through and enjoyed every generation of gaming. I hope my health, eyesight and reflexes stay with me long enough to enjoy many more. Bring on the innovation.

User Info: trostol

3 years ago#13
a lot of game devs these days seem to be more gearing towards the casual gamer/mobile platform or rushing to rehash the same title yearly instead of taking time to make new games or making games better...i get there is high stakes risks for new ips and such but the yearly update of the same game(Madden, NHL, NBA, CoD, AC series etc) is whats wrong with gaming now...alogn with the whole mobile/casual place

User Info: LEGEND_725

3 years ago#14
OkayPlayer1 posted...
wavvvves posted...
_Doomguy_ posted...
Gaming died around 10 years ago

But for me it died after that cod4, gears of war, halo 3 era which imo was gold. I truly do miss those days.
At least i'm not alone. Everyone at my school seems to think this is by far the best time for gaming. But then again, these same people consider iphone games equivalent to pc/console video games.

I wish these damn kids would get off my lawn!! Where's my abacus?

I was playing a videogame today...zombie gaming?!? OMG!!

My first console was the Atari 8600, I've owned every console past the Super NES/Genesis era, and I think the complaints listed here are laughable. There's a lot of guides on the internet to navigate these damn confusing "betas" and "tablet implementation" but since I know 8 year olds that have no problem I don't know if reading a guide would help.


Halo 3, cod 4, gears, oblivion, was the golden age for me before the Dlc trend took over
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User Info: HeliosAscension

3 years ago#15
TheeLeeham posted...
You're not supposed to know. I don't know what direction any industry is going in.

Did you expect singers to start dressing like gay robots? No, but Will-I-Am came along and there you go.

Lmao. I feel like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes after soaking in this knowledge.
I don't need games to be mature.I need them to entertain me.And sometimes what entertains me is a couple chicks with huge bouncing chests pummeling each other.

User Info: garydavexxx

3 years ago#16
wavvvves posted...
I am LOST. So many rumors, so much bad news, everything seems like it's just a beta version of something what with all the talk about new consoles already. And then tablet implementation, which if mobile/tablet gaming gets fused with consoles, will be the day I quit gaming. I almost feel,, confused.

The only bad news I hear about is localised on this site, which is precisely why I frequent here less and less. I've not heard any info about new consoles already what are you referring to?

The golden age of gaming has come and gone IMO. N64 PS2 original xbox was when gaming peaked for me. I've enjoyed the xbox 360 ps3 to some extent and the current gen.

Sega is practically dead and nintendo I don't see making a come back (nintendo offers nothing to me now)

The problem is there's not much in the way of choice, most people can afford one system or choose to only have one system.

That choice is get a gaming PC or get a PS4 or X1. Nintendo have been on a downward spiral since the GameCube, MS/Sony are really only in competition with each other right now. There needs to be more variety of consoles to choose from in order to keep the industry fair and healthy
They picked an allegiance to a system. And they defend it and will lay their own lives for the console of their choosing. The Game of Consoles is just starting.

User Info: IceHusky

3 years ago#17
mewmew42 posted...
You need to check out ign Colin Moriarty

Follow his tweets/youtube and subscribe

He is second to none, he symbolizes the gaming industry and it's direction

HA! I see what you did there. :P

Anyways, I do agree with you TC. Gaming is going in a weird direction and has been ever since the success of the Nintendo Wii and the more acceptance of it by the casual, mainstream, fickle audience who probably doesn't give a rats ass about it now since they've moved onto other things; which unfortunately, publishers are still trying to woo despite it being fruitless.

All I know is that I don't like it and I am having to be more pickier than ever with the games that are released, which I have never had to do before, due to all of the bad implementation publishers are putting into their games. :(
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User Info: Jzero16

3 years ago#18
OkayPlayer1 posted...
After reading you're "to elaborate" post, if you don't think there were many bad games that came out those nostalgia glasses are unhealthily thick.


also its not like the last few years have been all bad, the dark souls games(and really anything From software makes) have been pretty spectacular. gears kept being good all the way to the end with 3 being pretty darn good, even mass effect kept it up(yes i'm one of the few who thinks 3 was not that bad). and i'm sure i missed plenty of other good games that came out very recently, namely anything on sony's console since i didnt have a ps3, but i have heard nothing but great things about TLOU.

its easy to look back at all the great games that came out over a whole generation and pick out all the good ones, remember though it takes years for a console to have a great backlog of games and until then the new generation will always seem worse and not worth it.
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User Info: Run_2_the_Hills

3 years ago#19
you're just not into gaming as much anymore. overall, gaming is better than ever.

User Info: Jx1010

3 years ago#20
Gaming is dead.
People only say gaming is better because graphics improved, thats all.
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