COD vs Halo Better Levels/Setpieces

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User Info: foundryGod

3 years ago#1
I'm not talking about story, characters, weapons, or even the the game as a whole. I'm talking about a single level that makes you want to replay it. Both series have had some unique and varied level designs, but a few stand out for me:

Halo:CE - When you land on the Ring for the first time. Open landscape, the Warthog, even spots where fellow marines show up.

Halo 3 - When you get to take down a Scarab. Excellent.

Halo 3:ODST - I actually liked the open world hub. It was a different take on the formula.

COD 4 - The opening training level. Probably played that one for a few hours before ever starting the real game.

The ghille suit and long range sniper stage. That got intense the first time I played it.

COD MW2 - The level based off of the Estate MP map. From start to finish, it was just a rush.

COD Ghosts - The last two stages in the game on Veteran get pretty hairy, but awesome.

There are definitely some that I missed, but those are ones that I think best represent what a dev can do in a well crafted FPS. How about you?
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User Info: Foxx3k

3 years ago#2
Like it or not, I would consider COD4's mission design to be influencing just about every shooter to come out since.

But, that said, taken as a whole, Halo has far better level design. COD's level design nowadays is offensively claustrophobic and trite to the point that it feels like self parody.
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User Info: TheGam3925

3 years ago#3
CoD definitely. Unless you like rocks and generic ship and stone corridors that is.
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User Info: Kipbondur

3 years ago#4
I absolutely love the New Mombasa levels in Halo 2. Chasing down that Scarab and jumping onto it was always my favorite.
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