EA subscription service don't buy it! No point in MS and gamers losing, EA wins!

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User Info: brownmyster

3 years ago#31
anstill3 posted...
Really, Really, Really! Lol

Man you guys are really going crazy! Most of you will spend 30 dollars in a week just on fast food! And your complaining about 30 dollars for a whole year, which I can get all Ea games a week before it comes out. That's enough for me by itself! Then you add the vault games, yes they my be old, yes I have madden, yes I have battlefield 4, but you know what I didn't have Fifa 14, now I do. That's worth 30 dollars now old or not. I traded my original copy of Madden and Battlefield 4 in now that I'm able to just download them digital which is now a plus. I don't have to get up to change game disc in and out. This is more than worth it and then some!! So I leave you Sony guys with this note: Don't hate appreciate! Lol

There so steamed!! Lol

They damage control everything. I also like to point out. That Peggle 2 is 12 bucks FIFA and bf4 are 45 each used at GameStop. I usually buy all these. And madden is 28 used. Now I like sports games. And Iv wanting to play FIFA for awhile and never bought it. I also traded in bf4 for 35 bucks back in feb for pvz gw. And iv been itching to play it. So instead of paying 130 for all these I can just pay 30 for a year access and possible get another game or two to play in that year through the service. My plan is to just subscribe to ea access on dry months for games. Which is usually. Jan, june, July, and August. But I may also just do ea for a year to get 10% off dlc for dragon age if they roll it out.
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User Info: LooksLikeRain

3 years ago#32
Horoto posted...
crucial posted...
Was not going to get it right away but now I am just because,it's only pocket change anyways and its a much better deal then PS Now,who wants to rent a 3 dollar game for 4 hours?lol smfh.

A lot of people are saying its bad too. Even people with a ps4.

Psnow, ea acess, xbox drm always online. Its all bad. At least sony is considering a subscription model. All digital from whoever it comes from IS BAD.

I disagree. I look forward to an all-digital future.
GT: Frightbeard.
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  3. EA subscription service don't buy it! No point in MS and gamers losing, EA wins!

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