Sell me an Xbox One.

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User Info: warz0r09

3 years ago#31
Yes you can play a game before its fully downloaded just like ps4...

User Info: pnut3844

3 years ago#32
warz0r09 posted...
Yes you can play a game before its fully downloaded just like ps4...

Ehhhhh...depends on the game. Dr3 told me that and I could get maybe 10 minutes into it before I hit an invisible wall with a message saying wait for installation. Then the destiny glitch happened. I let all mine finish downloading just to be safe

User Info: TheGam3925

3 years ago#33
Because the Xbone community is such a friendly place and everyone will gladly answer any questions you may have, oh wait.......
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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#34
coldwine posted...
I am in Nigeria, but I hope you trust me enough to send a box full of American currency. When it has been meticulously counted by my wife and her brothers and sisters (usually within one week) I will carefully pack your console and send it to you. If you are concerned by the Ebola virus, I suspect that it will not survive the trip. However you might want to boil your hands for 3 minutes after opening the package.

As for the reason to buy an Xbox, it's all about the games. If there's enough to keep you busy now and in the near future, buy the console. If there is not, please send me the money anyway and include a goat, I keep eating mine.

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User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#35
I'll sell you an original Xbox and write a "1" on it. That counts as an Xbox One, right?
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User Info: Shaolin015

3 years ago#36
Xbox one is so good, I will sell you mine.

User Info: Shadowfxd2

3 years ago#37
dataDyneSoldier posted...
methosagain posted...
Yakashi posted...
Are you a child unable to make your own decisions?

It is called an Gedankenexperiment, surely you have arguments of persuasion on the Xbox One?

I tried this same thing. I asked people to sell me on an Xbox One and all I got were insults. You should expect the same. In fact, the main reason I chose not to get one is how horrible the fanbase seems to treat people who ask simple questions, and not because of a lack of games or anything. I chose not to be a part of that community.

this is why no one should get a xbone, unless they are underaged, then it's perfect for them.

User Info: Lapanui

3 years ago#38
To be honest, if you feel the exclusives are worth purchasing a console for, that's all I can say to convince you.

Everyone will have a different opinion, some might be biased towards either console that could push you to buy it or put you off it completely.

The controller is an improvement from the 360 and the 360 felt amazing. Te ability to multi-task is probably my favourite feature. I hated the lack of this feature on the 360 and PS3, I game the most in the evening around dinner time. So if I wanted to watch something on demand, I would have to save, turn my game off and go onto the app, finish with that and go back to the game and reload it all up again. With the X1, I just switch between apps without any interference.

Another nice feature is when I am playing just before work, I turn it off, come back to it without turning it off at the plug and it carries on from where I left off when I turn it on.

Again, these are features that are great when you get the console, but I wouldn't say they are something to convince someone to buy it.
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User Info: youngskillz

3 years ago#39
d4 that's why tc.
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User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#40
SigmaLongshot posted...
If a thing goes beyond mere interest to become true intrigue, it's entered the realm of ownership.

This is what I tell people that see the PS4 but are utterly against the idea simply because they have some bizarre arbitrary alliance to a singular console:

"Is it enough on your radar to make you think about it just as much as the other things you own?"

Most of the time they shrug the comment off, but the truth is, if you think about something as much, or more, than the things you already have in your possession, then they've entered this state of "wanting".

Of course, your conscience is the real measure for how much you might want it.

I know vegans that miss bacon, and constantly yap about bacon. I work with them. It's annoying. When I ask them "why not just eat bacon? You clearly want bacon. Just eat it." - they reply, "but I'm vegan." But then, why are you a vegan? For some kind of vegan badge? Can you even GET a vegan badge?

If you want it, put a ring on it. And by that, I mean, get engaged to it. Get engaged to Xbox One and bacon.

Frankly I doubt he'd even ask this if bacon came with it
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