Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero are Currently Free.

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User Info: HeliosAscension

3 years ago#41
Good news is this months GwG saved me from blowing $40 I would have regretted.
I don't need games to be mature.I need them to entertain me.And sometimes what entertains me is a couple chicks with huge bouncing chests pummeling each other.

User Info: Chewie212

3 years ago#42
Wow. Crimson Dragon is 10.88gb with a 4gb patch included. I thought it'd be a lot smaller.

I'm not sure if I want to spend 5 hours downloading a game I may not even like.

The other game looks iffy, too.

User Info: IChangedMyName

3 years ago#43
Crimson Dragon is great, good ole Panzer Dragoon style was the first game I bought once I got my One online.

Strike Suit Zero is ok, like a less flashy Project Sylpheed... wish they let you edit the controls more. Invert everything even mech mode is killing me. I'm glad though because I was on the fence with this game and for 19.99 I don't like it enough.
I play a lil bit of everything on a lil bit of everything.
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User Info: phoenix9291

3 years ago#44
These were two good games for entertainment this past weekend. I Beat Crimson Dragon on Saturday and acquired 1350/1500 achievement points along with some extra challenges. Then on Sunday I beat Strike Suit Zero and have acquired 800/1000 points for it.

I enjoyed both although I wouldn't have normally gotten Strike Suit so it was a nice surprise. I have wanted to play Crimson Dragon but I waited cause I knew it would end up on GwG plus I heard it wasn't that great, however I enjoyed it quite a bit.
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