EA Access, it's apparently not good because it's on Xbox and no other systems.

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User Info: DojoMax

3 years ago#131
supergoku18 posted...
The problem that most people who are against this are seeing comes from the simple fact that if you make small changes over a relatively long period of time the people growing up now will accept them as normal, this allready happened with DLC. If things like this become normal for all producers the older generation will mostly stop gaming out of frustration or they will put up with it because there is no other choice but the younger generation will just buy it because they haven't experienced the earlier(in my opinion better) years of gaming.
This is all assuming that the service leads to more exclusive deals only available through this service(which knowing EA it will) and not just an alternative to PS+ and the Xbox one live gold free games and early access but for EA games(which in itself leads to a future without physical gaming potentially so that's enough reason to be against it).

Also for the people who are saying that dlc and initiatives like this are a good thing because developing budgets are rising. That is something that the developers themselves are responsible for, they can also choose to have a little bit less of a graphical masterpiece and instead improve the games in ways that cost less or just reuse engines more, but instead they chose (i think this decision leads all the way back to PS1/N64) to accelerate the graphical improvements at a rate which can't be maintained in the long run and now they are struggling because of it.
Also EA is the one company that can't use this excuse at all with how little they actually change in their yearly titles.

Imma assume that last bit was directed at me. I wasn't saying it's right or wrong, rather it's the cause and DLC and services like this are the effect. Also as far as they could "tone down the graphics" well it's not just graphics, but keep in mind that most of the discussion with gamers on these boards are 1080p vs XXX resolution, blah blah blah graphics. If developers slacked on the pretty factor well then they would lose customers, because we've become a visual first type of breed. Also, even if they changed very little between say Madden, there's always something tweaked that doesn't require a facelift, be it physics or game mechanics or what have you. I'm sure the budget doesn't drop dramatically because of that. And EA's developers, publish far more than just sports titles. In fact, they only have Madden, Fifa, NHL, and NBA Live just came back after a 3 year hiatus. I'm sure they have studios working on more than just 4 sports titles a year.
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User Info: DojoMax

3 years ago#132
slowdog76 posted...
NoirStriker posted...
MrImpatient35 posted...
You most certainly are TC. I was talking to my friend about this earlier. SOOO many people are butthurt about it for some reason. Like $30 a year isn't an amazing deal. And you get to play games 5 days early? And your saves transfer over when it officially launches? How is this bad? Oh yeah. Because it's exclusive.

I'm now handing out free tissues for the people crying about this.

Because you think you will keep those early games ? Lol, hell no it's just a demo, you won't have NHL 15, Madden 15, Dragon Age or Fifa 15 this year with EA Acces, you will just have the old games like Madden 25 or NBA Live 14.

This is why it sucks people. You are all misinformed if you think you will have all the new games the same year.

EA is selling 10 million BF for 60 bucks, 5 and 7 million Madden and Fifa for 60 bucks too EACH YEAR, so what is the point giving them for 25 bucks ? None !!!!

no-one thinks that

^this, I think assumed that bro... and the "demo" seems to be a time-limited version of an upcoming game released early that allows you to keep your progress should you buy the full game. Even if you don't you get to play it early.
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User Info: DanE4764

3 years ago#133
urizem posted...
For me, EA Access and PS Now are a bad thing for the gamers. And sadly, it appears that this will be the future of video game. People that encourage this, because of a stupid console war, are infantile and morons that don't see the big picture.

This is how i feel

User Info: FrozenEvil1

3 years ago#134
$30 is half the price of a game.. for what? Old games? Yay! Early access to new releases? Yay? A discount on some stuff you probably won't buy? Yay.....

To each their own, but I'll take my money elsewhere.

User Info: slowdog76

3 years ago#135
im enjoying madden. really havent got the slightest clue what is going on, but its kinda fun
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

User Info: Timbo418

3 years ago#136
mygoodluckcharm posted...
It's not good because it's EA.
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

User Info: Ellesarien

3 years ago#137
rtkamb1770 posted...
What one person buys actually effects everybody else, it's called an "economy" or "supply and demand". The last thing I would want is other company's trying to follow what EA is doing, or EA trying to push this farther. This is not a consumer friendly decision.

Ummm...yes and you know what would prevent that....that tricky "Supply and Demand".

You actually put in your own argument the reason why it is ridiculous. That is hard to do :)
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.

User Info: BlackWizardMagus

3 years ago#138
avanent posted...
If you can create a monopoly, you can control price, and if you do it gradually and maintain the illusion of choice, most won't notice. It's what's been happening with eye glasses and with internet service providers in the US for a few years now

Both of these things have gotten cheaper...

DojoMax posted...
Over the years, rental companies like Blockbuster, and gaming boutiques like EBGames/Gamestop have tried and succeeded to leech off of these developers and publisher

Yeah, just like those "used car dealerships" are bankrupting Toyota...oh, wait, no, Toyota gets paid for every car they sell, regardless of used sales, so no, there is no relationship between these two. Not to mention all those poor, hardworking devs often released broken garbage and pathetic cash-grab sequels and movie-license games that aren't even worth 2 bucks. Maybe Gamestop came around precisely because of the amount of shovelware being dumped in our laps by greedy companies taking shortcuts and lying about their games? They don't need passes and DLC and other BS to make money, they need to make GOOD GAMES. You may notice that Nintendo's first-party titles always make money without this crap, and that's including the cost of a higher level of QA. EA destroyed Origin Systems and Bioware; trying to justify bad policies for them to make money, because they slaughtered their cashcows, well, that's pretty silly. Housing contractors, movie theaters, concerts, all these things still exist and make money despite the ability to essentially buy the same thing, cheaper, by getting it used.

Frankly, this is a good business move. I also, personally, don't care for it. It's just a way to try and get people excited and hooked on their stuff, so you'll buy their newer, probably-ruined stuff. It's pretty much why any smart company would LIKE used games; it allows people to try your old stuff and maybe buy your new stuff because they liked it. However, since EA's policy is generally to ruin things over time by cutting corners and cashing in, well, it's just a way to line more people up for the inevitable fleecing. If you somehow liked Ultima 9, well, okay, I guess this is for you, but I will not be giving them money. EA also doesn't do a very good job of handling servers and data.
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User Info: Machiave11i

3 years ago#139
lilj812 posted...
People can actually think long term believe it or not. And when you think long term about EA access, when it comes to the video game industry as a whole, EA access is a horrible horrible thing that'll end up driving the price of video games up while bring consumer ownership of said games down.

So, that's why EA access is not good. Not because it's only on Xbox one. I would hate it if it was on PC or PS4 for that matter.

That's an interesting thought. However it isn't true. If you adjust for inflation, video games of today are cheaper than they have ever been. Also it's weird how people only bring up consumer ownership into question when it's video games. People stopped caring about that with movies years ago. I stopped caring about physical media in video games about the same time they stopped printing manuals.
"In victory, magnanimity; in defeat, defiance." -- Frederick the Great

User Info: revolution3603

3 years ago#140
I own both and I think ps now and EA access just doesn't offer the value to justify the price of admission any body who would pay any amount of money to play a game 5 days early has got some issues
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