size or rpm??

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User Info: Meltdown611186

3 years ago#1
Anothet external hard drive question. Dont wanna spend a ton. Feel like day one purchasers should get free 2tb drive but thats another topic

Did you go for larger size hard drive or 7200rpm? Obviosuly a larger hard drive will store more games and go slightly quicker than whats inside xbox one with larger cache.

Or did you say I want loading speed and found 7200?

I am researching and tryin to find good compromise

User Info: redditon4chan

3 years ago#2
I wasnt even aware they still made 5400 drives.

The answer to your question really depends on how many games you plan on picking up and having access to at one time.

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#3
I went cheap. WD 1tb, $50. It's 7200rpm, good reviews. I don't need more then the 1tb honestly, I will delete or reinstall as needed.
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User Info: Meltdown611186

3 years ago#4
Sadly a lot of the externals I am running into is 5400rpm. That is the speed of the xbox ones internal hard drive as well.

I was thinking of a 1 or 2tb.

Anyone find good deals that is 2tb 7200rpm?

User Info: Snickleseed

3 years ago#5
redditon4chan posted...
I wasnt even aware they still made 5400 drives.

There's probably more 5400RPM drives being sold now than ever before
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User Info: Viet0ne

3 years ago#6
5400RPM drives perform well for the majority of everyday use.

The reason why 7200RPM isn't common in externals is because they require more power to operate. USB ports don't normally have the output required to power a 7200RPM drive.
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