wow...the hulu app ****ing sucks

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User Info: googler

2 years ago#1
Is Hulu that ****ty on every other device its on. I just tried the trial and there's absolutely dick on it. And premium with ads to boot?...what's not to love?

User Info: rusty12000

2 years ago#2
Hulu in general sucks. Netflix + HOLA = Win
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User Info: Marc101211

2 years ago#3
Hulu is great as it has a lot of current TV shows *hence the ads * on for convenience. Naruto sword art, korra, family guy are all shows that I watch as its easier to just use Hulu in hd then to look for it online. I use it much more then Netflix

User Info: vashkey

2 years ago#4
Agreed. Who would pay for this crap?

User Info: pnut3844

2 years ago#5
Hulu is garbage. All the new shows I want to watch only have a few new episodes for each. Pointless.

User Info: googler

2 years ago#6
I'm surprised its lasted this long being this lousy. Buh buy. I don't care if I lose all access, but I'm cancelling that junk 2 hours into my 3 free months


2 years ago#7
Hulu is horrible, signed up for free 3 months an cancelled it a week later

User Info: swatkiller546

2 years ago#8
Yeah hulu is freaking horrible, who wants to watch ad's every five minutes?? Netflix and prime for the win!!
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User Info: Estocassassin

2 years ago#9
Yeah nothing can touch netflix lol
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User Info: AzaneAzer

2 years ago#10
Paying a subscription for ads should be illegal. surpirsed cable is still getting away with it.
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  3. wow...the hulu app ****ing sucks

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