Are You Going To Purchase The Evil Within On The Xbox One?

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User Info: ComradeRyan

3 years ago#1
Are You Going To Purchase The Evil Within On The Xbox One? - Results (225 votes)
36.89% (83 votes)
Xbox 360
1.33% (3 votes)
1.33% (3 votes)
32% (72 votes)
3.11% (7 votes)
Maybe (All Platforms)
9.33% (21 votes)
16% (36 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Release Date: October 14, 2014 (North America) October 16, 2014 (Australia) & October 17, 2014 (Europe)
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User Info: SculptorOvFlesh

3 years ago#2
Yup. Looks good.

User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#3
I will definitely purchase The Evil Within on Xbox One when it price drops to $20.00 USD.
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User Info: sammogard

3 years ago#4
unsure debating getting a ps4 just for these story mode games that i want

User Info: nableet

3 years ago#5
Definite maybe for me ;-)

Sounded great and the story seems intriguing, but I can't get away from the sad state of titles pertaining to be survival horror that are anything but...

It also comes out in a busy period and is SP only, so I will likely wait until I'm looking for something to play.
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User Info: mattglosbcfc

3 years ago#6
Il be picking it up on xbox one for sure.

User Info: googler

3 years ago#7
hell yeah, part of why I bought an xbox one was because I was an idiot thinking that game was only next gen. Will still buy 360 version

User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

3 years ago#8
I'm normally not a big fan of survival horror games, but except for the terrible voice work, this game is looking pretty cool. Probably going to get it on X1.
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User Info: SlimeSwayze

3 years ago#9
I'm really on the fence right now in terms of whether to get my multiplatform games for the PS4 or the XBone. It sounds like they all look a bit better on the PS4, but for whatever reason I just find myself more partial to the Xbox since I got mine a few weeks ago. I think I just prefer the controller and the UI more than the PS4.
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User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#10
I don''t plan to buy anything thats multiplatform on xbone, so no.
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