What game turned you into a gamer?

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User Info: phineasfool

3 years ago#221
I honestly don't remember. I started on a Pong machine and then mostly played pinball in the late 70s. I would guess maybe something like Pitfall on the 2600.
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User Info: Setzera

3 years ago#222
Freeway on Atari 2600. That and having so much homework I wasn't allowed to go outside and play, so I said screw it, I'll game instead.
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User Info: tahkilla

3 years ago#223
I've been playing since mario/duck hunt, but I didn't get hooked till megaman x.

User Info: Eric_Cart_Man

3 years ago#224

User Info: ZebuFrenzy

3 years ago#225
Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt for the NES. That's all it took!

User Info: KillbombX

3 years ago#226
Something on the 2600. Can't remember the first game that really hooked me since it was so long ago but I do recall playing a lot of Pac-Man, Pele's Soccer and even E.T.
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User Info: Darkdragon2335

3 years ago#227

I think it was on the NES... but I was like 6, and I played it with the school janitor, so idk lol
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User Info: Recino

3 years ago#228
But, I had been playing games like Sonic before then.
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User Info: Cows Go Hisssss

Cows Go Hisssss
3 years ago#229
Halo Combat Evolved
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User Info: ZatchBell

3 years ago#230
Phantasy Star on Sega Master System
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