What game turned you into a gamer?

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User Info: BDJayce

3 years ago#31
The first final fantasy or dragon warrior.
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User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
3 years ago#32
Jedi454 posted...
Super Mario Bros NES

User Info: TrueGB

3 years ago#33
Can't say. I don't remember starting.
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User Info: richboy900

3 years ago#34
Tekken 2 and nfs 3 hot pursuit. Both on ps1

User Info: Darkness3389

3 years ago#35
Super Mario Bros. Secrets like the -1 world was what got me so hooked.
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User Info: matrix_tediz

3 years ago#36
Super Mario World
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User Info: XboxDruggie

3 years ago#37
Atari 2600 was my first system ever; ohhh, the wonderful hours spent there!


Now you've gone a rekindled a special place in my heart and I want the 2600 emu lol!
XBL NocturnalFreak
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User Info: Tolly

3 years ago#38
Original Zelda
GT: Tollyonium

User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#39
Jedi454 posted...
Super Mario Bros NES
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User Info: legendfirefox

3 years ago#40
Final Fantasy VI which is still one of my favorite game of all time.

Such a great soundtrack and good character developpement for a old game :)
PSN - Legend-fox-86
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