Would you trade Titanfall for The Last of Us: Remastered?

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User Info: -complex-

2 years ago#41
As a true microsoft fan I wouldnt want the trade I am happy with getting crap games.

User Info: singhellotaku

2 years ago#42
not a huge fan of titanfall, but last of us sucks, trust me, i own a ps3 copy
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User Info: Darth Stalin

Darth Stalin
2 years ago#43
mcnichoj posted...
I own TLOU on PS3, it has next to no replay value. TF I've put hundreds of hours into already.

This. TLOU's story was AMAZING on the first run. I remember talking about how awesome it was at work while I was playing it. Then after beating it I had no desire to replay, I didn't even feel like finishing the DLC.
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User Info: kennyynnoo

2 years ago#44
Aone1987 posted...
kennyynnoo posted...
No, played them both while I find titanfall just ok I find tlou boring both times I've owned it.

Wait you hated it once, bought it again and re-hated it? Lmao

Yeah rebought it cheap to give it a second try, I seemed to be the minority on not like it, didn't like it again.
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User Info: LEGEND_725

2 years ago#45
StrongBlackVine posted...
Infinite 2003 posted...
I know Sony fans would. Regardless of what they try to say.

Sure kid. We trade one of best games in recent memory(with 7 million+ sales so far) for what turned out to be somewhat of a failure critically and commercially and the sequel will be on PS4. Sony gamers have Destiny(Bungie) and we are ecstatic about it.

86 metacritic with no campaign and best selling Xbox one game

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User Info: lunaticcore

2 years ago#46
My favorite Playstation exclusive at this point is Little Big Planet, and I wouldn't trade Titanfall for it.

Right now the one game I feel like I will miss out on is No Man;s Land, but it will probably end up on the Xbox One. Just like Titanfall 2 will probably be out on the Ps4.
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User Info: Bbrendoshi

2 years ago#47
By trade, do you mean we lose titanfall, but they lose TLoU?

I wouldn't make the trade in that case. If it was both sides get both games, sure, and I probably wouldn't get the last of us anyway. More fun if more people can try games out :)
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User Info: Sorv

2 years ago#48
Hell no. I have both an X1 and a PS4 and I didn't buy TLoU:R because I played it on PS3 and I didn't like it. I hate stealth-centric gameplay and I didn't find the story especially moving or innovative. I'd rather watch The Road one more time than force myself through that game one more time.

Don't think Titanfall is a masterpiece either, though. It was fun for a bit and then it got old.

User Info: mrpic

2 years ago#49
no - the last of us isnt comparable to titanfall go away you are clearly just trolls

User Info: Allgorhythm

2 years ago#50
In a heartbeat.
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