Is xbox live down?

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User Info: Bladez_89

3 years ago#1
Won't let me play titanfall at all and everything else I select is content not available.
Gamertag: B1ADE5

User Info: teeebz

3 years ago#2
Working fine for me
GT- MR WhiteEe
PSN- Teebz83

User Info: Bladez_89

3 years ago#3
Must be my connection then but the console says everything is fine with network testing.
Gamertag: B1ADE5

User Info: BobTheHog

3 years ago#4
Working fine here in Boston Massachusetts
Gamertag: xX BobTheHog Xx

User Info: Infinite 2003

Infinite 2003
3 years ago#5
I hate popular stuff, and that makes me really, really cool.

User Info: slowdog76

3 years ago#6
seems to be in a good mood. i would go as far as to say happy, in fact
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

User Info: Warsuh

3 years ago#7
Working fine for me.

User Info: spacejamjordanz

3 years ago#8
I was waiting for the daily "Is XBL down?" topic. Thanks TC. Now I feel normal again.
"You know you've spotted a fanboy when they simply can not concede that anything is worthwhile on the other console"~ Evel138
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