Will these broken achievements ever be fixed?

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  3. Will these broken achievements ever be fixed?

User Info: wansanchez

3 years ago#21
Seems they are broken again.After the unforcables all popped randomly a few days ago,things were working fine again but today they have stopped popping again.
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User Info: spacejamjordanz

3 years ago#22
I figured it was fixed by now. The ones I had missing popped a few days ago.... I guess not.
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User Info: 6speednissan

3 years ago#23
I got like three a few days ago. They unlocked randomly while I was watching tv. Hopefully I'm not missing others. Ryse achievements worked fine last night.

User Info: rdlee4474

3 years ago#24
Yeah, they're broken again.

I just played Lego Marvel and only got the achievements for completing level 1 and 3.

Level 2 didn't unlock.

So dumb.
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  3. Will these broken achievements ever be fixed?

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