Microsoft hints at another price drop for the Xbox One?

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User Info: Shinobi120

3 years ago#61
ht02135 posted...
ChiliPup posted...
I might buy one for $249.99 if they release (or even announce) an exclusive that matters to me. I think it's arguably a fair price.

i was thinking about $299, but $249 would do. remember ps4 probably will do price drop. if ps4 dropt to $349, then X1 need to drop to $249. X1 should sell significant lower price compare to ps4

Microsoft's investors won't allow that to happen.

User Info: TheBorderCollie

3 years ago#62
TrueBlue91 posted...
ONutrition posted...
TrueBlue91 posted...

$349 would still be $300 too much though.

Troll much?

No, just someone with a different opinion to you.

That's not having a different opinion....That's just being moronic.

The XB1 is a great system, as is the PS4. When you say stuff like that, you just come off like a child.
Proud supporter of the PS4 and Xbox #1
# of trolling Inbox messages deleted - without reading them - and users reported / banned: 11 :)

User Info: PStrife

3 years ago#63
No hints about backwards compatibility though, shame.

Making it harder to even want an X1, being a gimped PC with literally crappier abilities and all at the moment. Not fixing the real issues it seems, price drops are meaningless when Microsoft chooses to ignore valid selling points. I wish to see OG XBox emulation at 100% region free, if they ever expect any of my future moneys.

The X1 betrayals as well as 360 BS years still hurts. Treating customers like crap and ignoring all sorts of feedback, shame on Microsoft. Since they stopped caring, I don't need to care about the Xbox One`s fate as a crappy all in one that cannot even play old Xbox games.

User Info: NSGraphite

3 years ago#64
So that's what desperation looks like...
I don't always Troll on the internet. But when I do, I make it the Xbox-One forums...
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