Have you ever bought the same game multiple times?

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User Info: McNabFish

3 years ago#11
I don't trade in my games, so no.
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User Info: chedibang1994

3 years ago#12
Sonic 2
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User Info: DonVito1990

3 years ago#13
GTA4 is the only one that i remember doing this with.

Purchased it 3 different times. The last time was during the summer sales on XB360.
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User Info: Kipbondur

3 years ago#14
Fallout 3: Xbox 360, PC
Fallout New Vegas: Xbox 360, PC
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Xbox 360, PC

After I got a decent PC I got all of these games on it.
GT: Kip Bondur

User Info: WOT BS

3 years ago#15
Yup, my copy of skate3 got stolen, max payne 3 at launch for 360 then again when rockstar put the collector's edition on sale for like 5$. I got halo CE for both the xbox and pc
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 years ago#16
Resident Evil 2 and 3 (PS1, GameCube, PC, PS3)
Resident Evil 1 (PS1, PC, PS3, DS)
Remake and Zero (GameCube and WII)
Resident Evil Umbrella and Dark side Chronicles ( WII and PS3)
Resident Evil Code Veronica (PS2, GameCube, PS3)
Resident Evil 4 (GameCube, PS2, WII, PS3)
Resident Evil 5 (Standard and Gold edition on both PS3 and 360)
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (Standard and Limited edition PS3)
Resident Evil Revelations (3ds and PS3)

Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 (360 and PC)
Rainbo Six Vegas 1 and 2 (PS3 and 360)

Metal Gear Series:

I had them all on their respective consoles and then bought the Legacy Collection on PS3.

Devil May Cry 1-3 (PS2, PS3)

Crash Bandicoot 1-3 (PS1, PS3)

Thats pretty much all I can think of for now
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User Info: Draconian-White

3 years ago#17
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion --> Xbox 360, PC
Dragon Age: Origins: --> Xbox 360, PS3, PC
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim --> Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel --> PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Diablo III --> PC, PS3
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User Info: TheSnypahvol2

3 years ago#18
Yeah a few times. Most recently I'll be doing it with Diablo 3.

User Info: FlyinTonite

3 years ago#19
I think I bought xenoblade like 3 times before I finally beat it haha.
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User Info: googler

3 years ago#20
Yeah plenty of times. Bought every iteration of samurai showdown and king of fighters. Also got capcom games, silent hills, and a lot of the games you could double dip with achievements
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