Gamestop offering more money for trade ins

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User Info: james259

3 years ago#11
XboxDruggie posted...
but they don't pretend to care for their gaming customers as GameStop does. Not to mention their employees don't hound me to buy a subscription or reserve anything because I won't get the game if I don't…

I agree with the whole GS's a business thing but in my experience GS employees are really friendly. Just the other day, an employee threw in a free month of live with Titanfall for my friend who's live account ran out.

I've never had a bad experience there. I just sell used games when they have a 50% extra deal and only buy new regular priced games there. All my used game shopping is done on Ebay
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User Info: kidwgm

3 years ago#12
killtacular30 posted...
I went to the link and they may be offering more on your trade ins but not by much at all they could do a lot better than that... But still your going have buy there high priced used games which you can get used games a lot cheaper somewhere else then through them... I don't think this move is going save them because people aren't stupid, there only offering gamers just a tiny bit more for there games which isn't going add up to much, now if they started selling there used games cheaper than that would add up to more saving...

Lol, some people are stupid and others are fully aware of the the values of trade ins/ used games. Gamestop will be just fine.
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User Info: killtacular30

3 years ago#13
Game Stop won't be fine that is why they are changing things, if it wasn't for Game Stop doing trade in and selling other electronic items beside games they would have probably already closed down some stores and like in my area there the only used game store to trade game in at, so a lot of people don't have other options... It's funny how when Game Stop is doing extra trade in credit deals they cut the regular trade in credit down by so much then add on the extra trade credit so really you only end up with a couple of bucks more than the regular trade in... I do like all my friends do we sell or trade with one another and use craigslist being it's a lot better trading with other gamers because a lot of time people will trade you game for game or sell you a game for a lot better price than what the same used game would cost you at Game Stop...
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