I want to buy an Xbox one for the Kinect and Xbox fitness

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User Info: D33p_Inside

2 years ago#1
I might be alone on this boat but I actually want an Xbox One over the PS4(at least for now) solely for the Kinect 2.0 and Xbox Fitness.

I've never had an MS console and always had Sony consoles. For me Sony exclusives like Quantic Dream games and Naughty Dogs Last of Us/Uncharted are simply unbeatable, and in my opinion Halo and Gears of Wars dont even come close to match them.

However the PS4 eye lacks even compared to the xbox 360's kinect, and I've reached a phase of my life that I also want to do fitness regularly but need some motivation and guidance outside of just running outdoors and forking out for a gym subscription.

I actually just canceled my subscription because it was too damn expensive and with 5 gym monthly subscriptions I could actually buy an Xbox One and exercise as much as I could.

So my dilemma resides on whether get an PS4 which has more raw power, better looking multi plats and IMO better exclusives but an underdeveloped camera which hardly seems to track full body movement. Or get the Xbox One and experience the Kinect 2.0 and also the multi plats I would get on the PS4( like MGS Phantom pain and Assassins creed Unity)

Besides the inevitable Gears of Wars and Halo what other exclusives are coming for the Xbox One?
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User Info: ThatLaoGuy

2 years ago#2
Lol DA freak....xbone is no gym substitute lmao.
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User Info: Warsuh

2 years ago#3
Some Xbox One exclusives coming
in the future,

Phantom Dust
Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Fable Legends
D4: Dreams Don't Die

Console exclusives or Microsoft console exclusives,

Project Spark
Forza Horizon 2

A few small exclusives that are supposed to be coming,

Chaos Child
Physco Pass

User Info: Micropolis

2 years ago#4
Fitness is very cool. It does require good internet as all videos are streamed. Other than that I love the Insanity and p90x workouts.

User Info: Zemata

2 years ago#5
Don't forget Dance Central Spotlight is coming soon. Dance Central has, in my opinion, been the best use of the original Kinect to date. All three of the first games were fantastic to play and the kinect worked well on them. It can *almost* get your level of dancing to a passable level in a public environment if you study the choreography enough. The base game will be only $10 and you have access to all the older songs and lots of new DLC songs. As an avid rhythm gamer I'm personally very excited :D
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User Info: chex81

2 years ago#6
Xbox Fitness is awesome, my wife and i love it.
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User Info: BansDontWork

2 years ago#7
You could hire a smoking hot personal gym instructor for that kinda' money.
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User Info: EJH-SEGA

2 years ago#8
You should check out Kinect Sports Rivals as well.
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User Info: zerooo0

2 years ago#9
ThatLaoGuy posted...
Lol DA freak....xbone is no gym substitute lmao.

It actually is though. If they add the complete session of Insanity and P90x then that's really all you need to stay in shape which they already have P90x for complete for an extra $60 which is worth every penny.
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