I wonder how Sony Ponys will react to Microsoft's PlayStation Meow killer?

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  3. I wonder how Sony Ponys will react to Microsoft's PlayStation Meow killer?

User Info: zxghostravenxz

3 years ago#41
MicrosoftLover posted...
CapwnD posted...
gohoanq posted...
Shovel_Break posted...
Sony Ponies..... PlayStation Meow......

Seriously Xbox fanboys make first graders seem intelligent and clever with their teasing

lol I was going to say something similar.. Xbox faboys can't seem to come up with anything cleverer than a rhyme.. xD Meow..? Really? I also still don't get how "pony" is an insult.. because it's not.. because all it freaking does is rhyme!

The TC is a staunch sony fanboy who has been trolling the xbox since last gen. If you couldn't tell, he is now pretending to be an over-the-top xbox fan.

Some sony fans take Make.Believe way too literal.

Anyways, the term "Sony Ponies" is a term that comes from the Xbox 360 boards, when the Sony Pony schmuck trolls would come galloping over to the Xbox 360 boards whenever PSN was down or whenever there was negative Sony news. I can't be held accountable for the misuse of it these days.

This disgusts me that someone would do something like this.

lninjasonicl posted...
TC you have got to be kitten me right meow.

Congrats! You won this topic much like the Xbox One will win this gen upon the release date of....


You know, I'm all excited for SO, but every time you do this, annoys the hell out of me.
Why settle for 2 birds with one stone, when you can get a whole bunch with one hand grenade GT: zxGhostRavenxz
FC: 0877-0470-0429

User Info: crucial

3 years ago#42
Well if PS Now was any good then you would make a point but PS Now is geared for casuals that don't own a PS4 or a PS3,rent a game for a little bit for 8 bucks or buy it on ebay for a few bucks and own it forever?mmmm tough one there,I could see MS doing this with there OG Xbox and 360 exclusives but I also think Act,Ubi and EA will all have app based sub fee stream games which ends up to be around 70% of the market so MS might not have to.

I think MS is just sitting back and waiting for PS Now and VR to fail but if it doesn't they will be there to counter Sony,MS has VR locked if it does take off because of Oculus Rift which is worlds better then Morpious and cheaper since Facebook owns the VR that can be used on X1 lowering the cost since they don't have to fund it from the ground up like Sony which cost them over a billion.

User Info: Valkyriareaper1

3 years ago#43
PlayStation Now is crap.
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